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To complete the lessons in this chapter, you should be familiar with Microsoft Visual Basic or C# and be comfortable with the following tasks:
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The Set-CASMailbox cmdlet sets Client Access related attributes for Exchange ActiveSync, OWA, POP3, and IMAP4 for a specified mailbox on an Exchange Server 2007 server that has the Client Access role installed. The cmdlet does not support a Server parameter, and you cannot specify a remote server.
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Lesson 3
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Daily During a daily backup, all the selected files and folders that have changed during the day are backed up. This backup neither looks for nor clears markers. If you want to back up all files and folders that change during the day, use a daily backup.
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Lesson 1: Forming Regular Expressions
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Using Your Mobile PC at Home
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Take a moment, on a separate piece of paper, to plot the steps that will be required to recover the data on each volume that was lost. Be thorough. Include the steps required to clean up the missing disks and volumes as well as install, configure, and replace data on the new disk. When you are confident that you have as comprehensive a list of steps as possible, compare your answer to the answer. The components of recovery will include the following: 1. Log on to the system. 2. Finish installing the new disk drive. Follow any instructions presented by the Found New Hardware Wizard. If the Found New Hardware Wizard does not appear, check Device Manager to see if the disks installed automatically and silently. If the disks do not appear, use Add Hardware to install the disks.
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BULK INSERT [ database_name . [ schema_name ] . | schema_name . ] [ table_name | view_name ] FROM 'data_file' [ WITH ( [ [ , ] BATCHSIZE = batch_size ] [ [ , ] CHECK_CONSTRAINTS ] [ [ , ] CODEPAGE = { 'ACP' | 'OEM' | 'RAW' | 'code_page' } ] [ [ , ] DATAFILETYPE = { 'char' | 'native'| 'widechar' | 'widenative' } ] [ [ , ] FIELDTERMINATOR = 'field_terminator' ] [ [ , ] FIRSTROW = first_row ] [ [ , ] FIRE_TRIGGERS ] [ [ , ] FORMATFILE = 'format_file_path' ] [ [ , ] KEEPIDENTITY ] [ [ , ] KEEPNULLS ] [ [ , ] KILOBYTES_PER_BATCH = kilobytes_per_batch ] [ [ , ] LASTROW = last_row ] [ [ , ] MAXERRORS = max_errors ] [ [ , ] ORDER ( { column [ ASC | DESC ] } [ ,...n ] ) ] [ [ , ] ROWS_PER_BATCH = rows_per_batch ] [ [ , ] ROWTERMINATOR = 'row_terminator' ] [ [ , ] TABLOCK ] [ [ , ] ERRORFILE = 'file_name' ] )]
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Estimated lesson time: 40 minutes
// for the current user
Implementing caching requires an understanding of the type of content that users in an organization must access. When a user is served a Web page from a cache instead of from the server on which it was originally hosted, there is a chance that the page that they will view will be out of date. Most Web sites update their pages infrequently, but others update their Web pages almost all the time. You must fine-tune the performance of your ISA Server 2004 computer so that users get the most up-to-date information when they access sites. You must balance such access criteria with the need to retain efficient caching policies so that the content that is not updated frequently is not constantly downloaded from the Internet. Active caching is a feature that allows ISA Server to preempt users automatically by downloading objects within the cache that are accessed often before the objects expire. The advanced caching options allow you to configure the amount of free memory to use for caching, as well as how to deal with requests for Web sites that cannot be reached, but for which an expired version exists within the cache.
Page 9-23
message.Body = "Authenticated message test - body"
Practice: Designing Wireless Network Access
The name of the site This should be the actual name for the site object that will be created in Active Directory. If the site is not named after the location, you should also include the location on your diagram.
In the previous example, consider what happens if a customer is deleted all the customer s orders are also deleted. This might be fine, but consider the following code:
Click the Credentials button to verify that Windows Authentication (Integrated Security) is used, and then click OK.
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