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Now this function can be used when you want to apply a regular expression in a query. In the following T-SQL example, the query returns the number of rows in the Sales.CreditCard table that do not have a credit card number with exactly 14 numbers. This is done using the regular expression ^[0-9]{14}$:
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The Yes, Generate A Full Backup Of The Primary Database option executes a full backup of the primary database. SQL Server stores this full backup in the same folder in which it stores the transaction log backups. After the backup processes, SQL Server uses the file to restore the secondary database to the secondary server. By default, the restore process uses the same path for database files as the primary database. If you want to restore the files to a different path, you can click Restore Options and then specify an alternative path for the data and log files. The full backup option is the default and is appropriate when you have sufficient network bandwidth between servers to copy the full backup file across the network. You use the Yes, Restore An Existing Backup Of The Primary Database option when you already have a full backup of the primary database, which is often the case when you have multiple secondary servers or when the bandwidth between servers isn t sufficient to copy the file across the network. Some administrators back up the primary database and deliver the backup file to the secondary server using alternate physical media (CD, DVD, or tape). If you choose this option, you must specify the path to the backup file. SQL Server must restore the backup file before the retention period you specified in the primary database configuration expires. With this option, you can also specify alternative paths for data files and log files in the restore process by clicking Restore Options. You use an already initialized database when the DBA has already created the secondary database and is ready to initiate the log shipping process. This option might be
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Following is a list of company personnel interviewed and their statements:
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To take advantage of both the APPLY and PIVOT operators, the database compatibility level needs to be set to 90 (the SQL Server 2005 default setting).
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Libraries A library is a virtualized collection of folders. This means that a library is not a folder that you can locate on the hard disk that contain subfolders but is a collection of links to existing folders. If you navigate to the Libraries folder from the command prompt, you will see that it contains files with the extension library-ms, as shown in Figure 8-13. These files are the collection of folder links and each one of them is a separate library.
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Customizing Thumbnails
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Page 8-33
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You should perform this procedure only on a test computer that does not contain valuable data. After completing the following exercise, you will have to reinstall Windows XP Professional on your computer.
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In most cases, instead of retyping the complete XML schema, it is easier to load it from an XML schema file (extension .xsd). Use the OPENROWSET command in SQL Server 2005 to load the file into a variable of type XML:
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object A distinct, named set of attributes that represent a network resource. Object attributes are characteristics of objects in the Active Directory directory. For example, the attributes of a user account might include the user s first and last names, department, and e-mail address. ODI See Open Data-link Interface (ODI). Offline Files A feature of Windows XP Professional that makes temporary copies of shared network files on a local computer so that you can access those files when the local computer is disconnected from the network. Open Data-link Interface (ODI) A specification defined by Novell and Apple to simplify driver development and to provide support for multiple protocols on a single network interface card. Similar to Network Device Interface Specification (NDIS) in many respects, ODI allows Novell NetWare drivers to be written without concern for the protocol that will be used on top of them.
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Lesson Summary
Accounts Whose Passwords Are Stored On This Read-Only Domain Controller
' VB ' Deny access to the Windows directory Dim filePermissions As FileIOPermission = New _ FileIOPermission(FileIOPermissionAccess.AllAccess, "C:\Windows\") filePermissions.Deny() ' Method logic ' Permit only Web access, and limit it to Dim connectPattern As Regex = New Regex("http://www\.microsoft\.com/.*") Dim webPermissions As WebPermission = _ New WebPermission(NetworkAccess.Connect, connectPattern) webPermissions.PermitOnly() ' Method logic // C# // Deny access to the Windows directory FileIOPermission filePermissions = new FileIOPermission(FileIOPermissionAccess.AllAccess, @"C:\Windows\"); filePermissions.Deny(); // Method logic // Permit only Web access, and limit it to Regex connectPattern = new Regex(@"http://www\.microsoft\.com/.*"); WebPermission webPermissions = new WebPermission(NetworkAccess.Connect, connectPattern); webPermissions.PermitOnly(); // Method logic
Traditionally, an ICS computer provided DNS, DHCP, and Internet connectivity for a wired SOHO network and a third-party WAP performed the same function for a wireless network. However, many modern computers (both desktop and laptop) include a built-in Wi-Fi adapter card, which means that the computer itself can act as a WAP. Windows Vista provides a wizard that lets you easily configure wireless access for such a computer. The same wizard lets you save wireless settings on a USB flash drive to enable you to join other wireless-enabled computers to your network. If you use this facility, the computer that you configure to provide wireless access is also configured for ICS, so it provides DHCP and DNS services on the SOHO network. Figure 7-7 shows the SOHO network configurations described in this lesson.
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You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 1, Preparing the Infrastructure for Exchange Installation. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
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