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Combining Backup Types
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Administering Microsoft Windows Server 2003
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Add a basic info class to store the state object you will pass when invoking a delegate asynchronously. To do so, define the following class below the MapPointServiceAgent class:
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Setting Up, Configuring, and Troubleshooting Printers
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The Always Allow Use Of Recognizable Media Without Prompting option can be selected if you are using local tape drives for backup only, not for Remote Storage or other functions. The option eliminates the need to allocate free media using the Removable Storage node in the Computer Management console.
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Security Alert
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Correct Answers: B A. Incorrect: Scope option 003 specifies the default gateway. You can specify the same default gateway for two separate scopes on two separate servers. B. Correct: Two DHCP servers cannot provide the same IP address on the same subnet. Otherwise, two PCs on that subnet could be configured with the same IP address. The second DHCP server identifies the overlap and classifies itself as a rogue server. It will therefore not be authorized in Active Directory. Failover pro tection for DHCP is provided by clustering or by configuring DHCP servers (usu ally on different subnets) with nonoverlapping scopes. C. Incorrect: A superscope is not required in this situation. Also, a superscope cannot contain overlapping scopes. D. Incorrect: Scope option 006 specifies the DNS server address. You can specify the same DNS server address for two separate scopes on two separate servers.
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1. You can create DML, DDL, and logon triggers. 2. You query the XML document returned by the EVENTDATA function within
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Lesson 2: Configuring Power Options
Connection 1
172 196
Lesson 2: Implementation Practices
It is recommended that you configure site-link costs consistently across a network based on the available bandwidth of the connection. Table 5-1 shows recommended costs to assign for various levels of available bandwidth.
Local Security Setting Folder E. Local Policies, Audit Policy F. Account Policies, Password Policy
Connectors are a collection of configuration settings that describe how Edge and Hub Transport servers communicate with each other, the Internet, servers running other messaging systems, and servers running previous versions of Exchange. The first lesson in this chapter examines connectors in detail, including how to add, modify, and remove them so that message traffic in and out of your organization flows as efficiently as possible. The second part of the chapter looks at how Exchange Server 2007 can be configured to interact with mobile devices. Compatible mobile phones can be configured to work as clients of Exchange Server 2007, allowing users to keep up-to-date copies of the calendars and messages in their pockets rather than being able to access them only through a desktop or laptop computer. The second lesson also examines how to configure and support other services, such as Availability and Autodiscover, that assist client access to Exchange Server 2007.
The Quarantined VPN Clients Properties is configured as shown here.
Migrating Existing User Environments
that particular state who are in that particular department will have their e-mail address set by policy alpha. Finally, when you alter an e-mail address policy and people s SMTP addresses are altered, it does not mean that they can no longer receive messages from a previously configured SMTP address. As you can see from Figure 8-2, messages addressed to previously used SMTP addresses will still be delivered; it is just that the SMTP address configured by the e-mail address policy will be the default reply-to address.
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