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//C# [SqlFunction(IsDeterministic = true, DataAccess=DataAccessKind.None)] static public SqlBoolean fnIsPhoneNumber(SqlString phoneNumber) { if(phoneNumber.IsNull){ return SqlBoolean.Null; } return System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex
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System Sounds
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Group Accounts
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Creating Serviced Components
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Retrieve information about a specific data field the sensor can provide. Retrieve state information, such as whether the sensor is ready to use or is initializing. Specify the callback interface the Sensor API can use to provide your program with event notifications. Retrieve sensor data synchronously.
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Quick Check All the client computers on your production network run Windows 7 Enterprise. They all have a single internal hard disk. You do not intend to provide an external hard disk for every client computer. You want to perform regular System Image backups. What type of backup destination would you use Quick Check Answer In this scenario, you would back up to a network share on either a storage network system or a file server.
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Lesson 2: Application-Wide Exception Handling
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Correct Answers: A, C, and E A. Correct: To use RPC over HTTP, the Exchange Server 2003 server must be configured as an RPC proxy server. B. Incorrect: Management explicitly stated that direct IMAP4 access must not be allowed. SMTP message screening was not mentioned in the text of the question. C. Correct: You should publish the Exchange Server 2003 computer as an RPC proxy server, once it is configured as an RPC proxy server, rather than as an IMAP4 server, which was explicitly discouraged by management. D. Incorrect: Only Outlook 2003 or later supports the use of RPC over HTTP. Earlier versions of Outlook do not support this access method. E. Correct: Only Outlook 2003 or later supports the use of RPC over HTTP. Earlier versions of Outlook do not support this access method.
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attempting to reset the password on both the computer and the domain, so it does not require rejoining or rebooting. Nltest On the computer that has lost its trust, type the command nltest /server:Server Name /sc_reset:DOMAIN\DomainController, for example, nltest /server:SERVER02 / sc_reset:CONTOSO\SERVER01. This command, like Netdom.exe, attempts to reset the secure channel by resetting the password both on the computer and in the domain, so it does not require rejoining or rebooting. Because Nltest.exe and Netdom.exe reset the secure channel without requiring a reboot, try those commands first. Only if not successful should you use the Reset Account command or Dsmod to reset the computer account.
You should remember that the higher the bit rate, the higher the quality of the audio and the more disk space that is consumed. Depending on the quality of your playback equipment, you might not notice a difference between some of the formats, even though they use a radically different amount of disk space. All of the Windows Media Audio formats support copy protection technology. The MP3 and WAV formats do not support copy protection technology. When you rip to any of the Windows Media formats, you have the option of copy protecting the music. Copy protection, also known as Digital Rights Management (DRM), is a method of ensuring that people cannot make illegal duplicates of digital media that they have purchased. DRM ensures that someone cannot purchase the latest hot artist s track for one dollar and then sell it 500 times to other people for 50 cents. DRM is a method of controlling how media is used after it is purchased. When you rip an audio CD into any Windows Media Audio format, the audio can be protected with copy protection. One reason you might choose to copy protect music is if you are a musician who wants some form of digital distribution of your music, but you do not want it to be given to just anybody. When a music file with copy protection is played, Media Player attempts to contact the rights server. When Windows Media Player encounters a copy protected file it attempts to obtain the rights to play that file. It is possible to configure such a rights server using Microsoft products, but this is beyond the scope of the 70-620 exam. Unless you have a license for particular media, Windows Media Player will not be able to play it. DRM protects a file by encrypting it, and a license can be thought of as the decryption key. The keys are stored separately from the files within Media Player, and the files themselves cannot be played without access to a key. This does not apply to all digital media files, just those that the authors have decided to copy protect. Although this might all sound very Orwellian, the DRM features of Windows Vista allow artists and publishers to choose whether or not they want to apply copy protection restrictions on their works. The option is available but might not necessarily be used.
Tool Tips
Table 10-2
You are a newly hired developer for a large insurance company. Your manager asks you to add a user-preferences dialog to an existing Windows Forms application. Your manager also informs you that the users will not be running as administrators on their own machines, but as limited users. The dialog is to be added to a sales lead application, and users often share computers. It is very important that sales people cannot view each other s leads.
Validation and User Feedback
ment Server. Table 3-1 summarizes the differences between these two versions of the
necessary permissions to allow scheduled backup jobs to run.
Objective 2.1 Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-6
Supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer
A and D are correct. Windows Firewall is enabled by default and begins protecting a network connection as soon as the connection is active on the network. B is not correct because Windows Firewall is enabled by default. C is not correct because you can configure global settings for Windows Firewall that affect all connections (although you can configure connections individually if you want to).
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