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By using the Interlocked.Increment method and passing in a reference to the value you want to increment, you are guaranteed that the increment operation is atomic, so your problem goes away. The main problem with the Interlocked class is that it works with a small set of .NET types. What if you need to synchronize access to your own classes or treat larger pieces of code as atomic How do you ensure that other types of code are protected from multiple thread access Synchronization locks address all these issues.
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The following table compares the technologies used by and the features associated with the existing three network generations:
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By default, DHCP servers running Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 use the first option, and register and update client information with the authoritative DNS server of the zone in which the DHCP server is located. DHCP can also be configured to instruct DNS Server to discard client A and PTR records when the client lease is deleted. DHCP integration enhances performance and can save time for administrators. Let s now look at the interoperability with WINS. download
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End Namespace
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Table 7-5
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Input/Output (I/O)
The IT staff in Dallas is in charge of maintaining the Dallas, Atlanta, and San Francisco locations. A separate IT staff in London manages the network there. However, the senior IT staff in Dallas has the ultimate responsibility for the entire network.
After you have selected Selective Authentication for the trust, no trusted users will be able to access resources in the trusting domain, even if those users have been given permissions. The users must also be assigned the Allowed To Authenticate permission on the computer object in the domain. To assign this permission, open the Active Directory Users And Computers snap-in and make sure that Advanced Features is selected in the View menu. Open the properties of the computer to which trusted users should be allowed to authenticate that is, the computer that trusted users will log on to or that contains resources to which trusted users have been given permissions. On the Security tab, add the trusted users or a group that contains them, and select the Allow check box for the Allowed To Authenticate permission, shown in Figure 12-14.
Exercise 1: Identify the NTFS Permissions That Are Assigned to a Folder
print devices.
dsquery user OU=Employees,DC=Contoso,DC=Com -stalepwd 60| dsmod user -mustchpwd yes
Figure 10-1 Replication Monitor.
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