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For more information, search for Security Audit Event Category (SQL Server Profiler) in Books Online or access
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Case Scenario 2: Identifying Slow and Resource-Intensive Transactions
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30. Confirm in the Output window that the data source and report have been deployed to localhost/ReportServer. 31. Close BIDS. 32. Open Report Manager by navigating to localhost/Reports/ in Internet Explorer. 33. Click Show Details. You should see items named Data Sources and Report Project1, as shown in Figure 6-12.
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NAT is a service built into a router that modifies the source address of IP datagrams before sending them on to the public Internet. This functionality allows NAT clients to connect to the Internet by sharing one or more publicly registered IP addresses on the computer running the NAT service. NAT can be understood as a fully configurable version of ICS. RIP is a dynamic routing protocol that is easy to deploy but that is resource-inten sive and unsuitable for very large networks. OSPF is a dynamic routing protocol that is difficult to deploy but that is scalable, smart, and efficient. DHCP Relay Agent is a routing protocol configured in Routing And Remote Access that allows DHCP clients to obtain an IP configuration from a DHCP server on a remote subnet. To allow external users to connect to a server or service hosted on your internal network, you can create packet filters on a firewall that block all requests originat ing from the external network except those requests for the internal service you specify.
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Lesson Summary
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Run the usage-Based optimization Wizard
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irrelevant. And the legitimacy of any value depends on the type of application. However, if a .NET application is performing sluggishly and this value is increasing (or increases dramatically as a particular function is exercised), examining the locking approach is probably worthwhile. Thread Context Switches/sec A context switch occurs when the CPU changes the thread that s currently being executed. This counter displays the rate at which the context switches are being performed. By themselves, context switches are not bad things, of course. They allow the system to continue functioning while waiting for (relatively) long-running operations to take place. However, when this rate gets high, especially for a specific process, it indicates that the work being performed by the individual threads is too small. It might be worth increasing the scope of the parallelized elements to minimize the switches that are required. .NET CLR Exceptions # of Exceps Thrown/sec It is common knowledge that using exceptions to control program flow (as opposed to signaling unexcepted situations) hurts performance. This counter contains the rate at which exceptions are being thrown. If this value is increasing, consider the places where exceptions are raised and find out if you can take a better approach. Realize that, in many cases, catching and rethrowing an exception might be the root cause for a high value for this counter. .NET CLR Interop # of Marshaling This counter indicates the number of times that parameters need to be marshaled between managed and unmanaged code. What is considered a high value depends greatly on the type of application. Some applications will see no marshaling at all while others (such as ones that interact with old COM dynamiclink libraries [DLLs]) will see quite a high number. However, marshaling does have an impact on performance, and it might be possible to reduce the impact of marshaling by changing the types of parameters that are passed. .NET CLR Security % Time in RT Checks This counter represents the time spent checking the Code Access Security (CAS) since the last time a check was performed. It s not an average but a point-in-time value, so don t evaluate it as a percentage over time. However, if this percentage becomes significant, it might be worth re-evaluating the demands that are being placed onto the security system so that the cost of CAS checks can be reduced. .NET CLR Jit % Time in Jit Just-in-time (JIT) compilation occurs the first time that a method is executed. So as the various functions of an application are used, this value should get lower until it s almost zeroed out. If this value does not settle down to that level, it could be that dynamic code generation is being performed on an ongoing basis. code to generate barcode 128
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Deployment Mode
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typically be receiving e-mail, in most cases you should simply set MailMessage .From to the address that should receive replies instead of using ReplyTo.
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Maximum Password Age: 90 Days Minimum Password Length: 10 characters
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Lesson 2
Quick Check
1. Restore any transaction logs to bring the secondary as far forward in time as possible. 2. Restore the last transaction log using the WITH RECOVERY option. 3. Execute sp_change_users_login for each SQL Server login on the secondary. 4. If necessary, start any endpoints. 5. Verify security permissions. 6. Change the connection strings for applications to point at the secondary. 7. Start any jobs that are needed, such as the job to start backing up the database. The first task during a failover is to ensure minimum loss of data. If there are any transaction logs that have not yet been applied to the secondary, they should be restored. The last transaction log to be restored should specify the WITH RECOVERY option. If all transaction logs have already been applied, you need to issue a RESTORE DATABASE WITH RECOVERY command. This command brings the database online, after which additional transaction log restores are no longer possible. After you bring the secondary database online, you should verify all other objects that a re n e e d e d fo r t h e a p p l i c a t i o n t o f u n c t i o n . Yo u s h o u l d e xe c u t e t h e sp_change_users_login procedure for every SQL Server login to ensure a correct map ping to a user in the secondary database. You should also verify any endpoints, linked servers, or other objects that the application needs. After verifying that all objects exist, the security permissions are correct, and the database is accessible, you need to connect the application to the database to restore operations to end users. You should perform any remaining administrative tasks only after you have restored normal operations. Remove any pieces of the log shipping configuration, generally the copy and restore jobs. You should also create a job that executes backups against the database. The database that was the secondary has now become the primary database that accepts transactions, so it needs to be as protected as much as possible. If you have copied all the necessary instance-level objects to the secondary as well as verifying each object as much as possible, the time to execute the failover of applications from the primary to the secondary can be a matter of one or two minutes. After the original primary is repaired and brought back online, you reenable log ship ping with the original primary being demoted to a secondary. This reestablishes redun dancy through log shipping without incurring an additional outage to the application.
the Computers container. Restart Desk249.
Overriding Inheritance
if (!(token is UsernameToken))
Advanced Backup and Restore
Figure 1-5 Login New dialog box used to create a user login in SQL Server Management Studio
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
Describe the basics of message queuing. Set up a message queue. Send a message to a message queue. Read a message from a message queue. Send and receive a message asynchronously. Enumerate messages. Peek at messages. Correlate messages.
Troubleshooting Lab, Setup
nonclustered index An index that contains one or more columns in a table that are used to improve query efficiency. If the table has a clustered index, the root level of the nonclustered index points back to the clustering key, otherwise, the root level points to a row in the table. noncorrelated subquery A query that is embedded within, but does not reference any columns from, an outer query. nondeterministic function A function that might return a different value each time it is called given the same input parameter.
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