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Lesson 2: Creating Report Schedules and Subscriptions
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Pentium IV or equivalent 1.5 GB of RAM 20 GB hard disk drive space
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ISA Server uses application filters to perform application level security inspection. An application filter is a dynamic-link library (DLL) that registers to a specific protocol port. Whenever a packet is sent to this protocol port, it is passed to the application filter, which inspects it according to application logic and decides what to do according to policy.
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C. Incorrect: On Windows XP, Runas is not available on this menu without holding down the Shift key. D. Correct: This procedure accesses Runas.
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Leaves it to the Aggregation Design Wizard to consider the attribute when designing aggregations. Escalates the All attribute, the dimension key attribute, and the attributes participating in the user hierarchies to Unrestricted. The aggregation usage of attributes participating in Many-To-Many, Referenced, and Data Mining dimensions will be set to None.
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When your communication infrastructure has stable and permanent connections among replication servers, a push subscription offers the advantage of providing a central management point to all replication agents that manage the replication process. This results in less administrative overhead and easier troubleshooting procedures. However, when the replication configuration includes many Subscribers, the distribution process for push subscriptions can tax the hardware resources of a Distributor. Furthermore, servers or clients that connect on demand are better configured as pull subscriptions.
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Removable Storage devices that require management through the Remote Storage utility are most likely attached to Windows servers in a network environment. Further discussion of Removable Storage management is beyond the scope of this text. For more information, see and search for Removable Storage.
System System.Data System.Data.SqlClient Microsoft.SqlServer.Server System.Data.SqlTypes
Scenario 1 Question
You are working as the DBA of Tailspin Toys, which introduced a line of popular stunt kites three years ago, and business has flourished. To meet customer demand, the company tripled its sales force and customer service staff. Now that the company has grown, the perfomance of the database server has decreased, and some employees frequently complain about how long it takes to perform their daily tasks. A closer look at the system reveals that most of the database server work comes from reporting and Microsoft Office Excel PivotTable queries. To help improve database performance, management has authorized the use of two additional servers with similar hardware configurations as the main database server. 1. How would you configure the new servers to increase the performance of the reporting application and PivotTable queries 2. Which log shipping mode would you use in this scenario 3. What database options should you revise before implementing the log shipping process
Source to Security. Set the First Event to a date two months ago and the Last Event to today.
50 Windows XP FILESERVER2 Client Computers
-hmdir \\server01\users\$username$\documents
Enter password:
1. You would use the CHECK constraint to accomplish this. 2. Use the DEFAULT definition. 3. One is the maximum number allowed in this situation.
Disabling and removing a public folder
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