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Configuring Local Area Network (LAN) Connections
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WINS is a distributed database that stores NetBIOS names and services. The NetBIOS names are mapped to IP addresses and, like DNS, WINS makes it possible for you to access resources on your network using easy, friendly names instead of hard-to-remember IP addresses. NetBIOS name resolution is still necessary in networks that have earlier Windows operating systems running, such as Windows NT, Windows 95/98, and so on. There are three ways NetBIOS name resolution can occur on a Windows Server 2003 network: broadcasts; Lmhosts files; and WINS. To improve WINS database performance, transactions are written to transaction log files first, and then later written to the WINS database. This also aids in data recovery in case of a database crash. A WINS proxy is a WINS-enabled computer that is configured to register, release, and query NetBIOS names for clients that are non-WINS-enabled. On network segments that do not have a WINS server available, B-node client workstations, which are not WINS-enabled, will contact the WINS proxy through broadcast, which in turn will contact the WINS server across the router on behalf of the nonWINS-enabled client. Before a conceptual NetBIOS name-resolution design can be created, a thorough understanding of the present network topology and documentation (network maps, inventory of all servers and workstations, etc.) must be available. Even though WINS servers are used to reduce broadcast traffic, network traffic is still generated by WINS-enabled clients as well as by replication data between WINS servers (replication data is discussed in Lesson 3). Selecting the server that will run the WINS service should be based on CPU speed, memory, hard disk drive type, and network adapter card. Computers with two CPUs and high-performance disk drives should be selected when scalability is required. Placement of these servers should also be carefully analyzed. Fault tolerance and availability of the WINS service can be obtained through the use of multiple servers and replication. Special consideration should be given when designing a WINS infrastructure over a routed network because broadcast packets will not usually pass through a router. Also, the possibility of a router failing should be part of the analysis and may determine if additional WINS servers should be placed on various subnets. When gathering information about a Windows NT 4.0 infrastructure, create a diagram showing domains and trust relationships. For each domain, gather information on the domain controllers, users, and resources in the domain.
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3. How do you programmatically access related records in a DataSet A. By calling the GetParentRow and GetChildRows methods of a DataSet B. By calling the GetParentRow and GetChildRows methods of a DataTable C. By calling the GetParentRow and GetChildRows methods of a DataRow D. By accessing the ParentColumns and ChildColumns of a DataRelation
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Lesson 1: Maintaining a Server-Level Security Strategy
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Configuring File System Permissions
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Objective 3.2
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Figure 14-5: Backup folder structure
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The next section, Investigate Performance Problems, lists some additional performance counters that can be helpful for investigating specific problems with your server. Exam Tip To understand how System Monitor works, you can download a free tool from MSDN called the Performance Monitor Wizard. This tool will help you select configuration settings and determine which counters are best. The utility is available at /details.aspx FamilyID=31fccd98-c3a1-4644-9622-faa046d69214&displaylang=en&Hash=7YTJ6NC.
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You will find sidebars similar to this one that contain related information you might find helpful. Real World sidebars contain specific information gained through the experience of IT professionals just like you.
buffer A region of random access memory (RAM) reserved for use with data that is temporarily held while waiting to be transferred between two locations, such as between an application s data area and an input/output device. buffer overrun A condition that results from adding more information to a buffer than it was designed to contain. An attacker may exploit this vulnerability to take over a system.
Application Security
Answer the following questions for your manager: 1. Do our data stores support transactions 2. Do we have the application logic for the online store running on a separate machine from the actual Web pages 3. How can changes be made to the application logic that will make it more reliable
The first step in consuming the services of a remotable object is to locate and gather information about the remotable object. The process of gathering information about a remote object or service is commonly referred to as discovery. It can be challenging to discover information about a Web service created by a third party due to the wide open environment of the Web. However, .NET remoting objects are most commonly used in intranet environments and, as such, information about remotable objects is typically well known to the developers of an intranet that hosts remotable objects. Beyond the name of the remote object, the key piece of information that needs to be discovered about a remotable object is the application URL (Uniform Resource Locator).
connect to other computers. This option is available only in the Home/Work network profile. HomeGroups HomeGroups are a simple method through which you can share resources on a home network. You can use HomeGroups only on networks that you have designated as Home networks. You cannot create a HomeGroup on a domain network, but you can join an existing HomeGroup, as shown in Figure 8-3, if one is detected. For example, you could join an existing HomeGroup when you are using your client running Windows 7 on your home network, but where you also have a connection to your organization's domain network through DirectAccess.
1. Database mirroring sends active transactions from one server to another; log shipping sends backup logs from one server to another. Database mirroring can be configured for automatic failover, but transaction log shipping cannot. 2. The bulk-logged model would be the most appropriate because it minimally logs bulk transactions. 3. You can inform her that she can use the CONTINUE_AFTER_ERROR restore option to extract backup data from tapes that have kinks in them.
// Allow the creation of an empty object
Once you know the directory partition in which DNS zone information is stored, you can force replication for that zone in Replication Monitor. This procedure can help resolve name resolution problems caused by outdated zone data. To force Active Directory integrated zone replication, right-click the appropriate parti tion in the Replication Monitor console tree and select Synchronize This Partition With All Servers. This procedure opens the dialog box shown in Figure 6-8.
Configuring Network and Internet Connections
22. Create an event handler for the CustomersDataGridView_CellClick event and add the following code:
You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 4, Using Specialized Collections. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
Although the Typed DataSet solution is the quickest one to develop, there are major problems with an upgrade path for Typed DataSets. If you need to move from Typed DataSets into real data access components, you will end up throwing away the Typed DataSet code and starting from scratch. Each of these solutions has its own pros and cons. How do you pick which one is acceptable for your requirements Table 7-1 outlines the general guidelines for which to pick when.
AppDomain Properties
Recover Files and Folders
Lesson Review
Common Default Programs Windows Media Player Paint Word Alternative Programs Third-party media tools Microsoft Photo Editor, third-party graphics programs, Internet Explorer WordPad, Notepad, or third-party word processing programs Third-party graphics programs, Internet Explorer WordPad, Microsoft FrontPage, thirdparty Web browsers Third-party media tools WordPad, Internet Explorer, Word Third-party database applications
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