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How to Configure and Troubleshoot Regional and Language Options
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to know how to log and troubleshoot errors. SSAS supports various options for troubleshooting error conditions that range from comprehensive error logging to preparing and sending crash dumps of the server state.
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2. Users in each office report that they cannot resolve DNS names of computers in the other office. What kind of DNS server can you deploy at each location to rem edy this situation
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lot of problems. Perhaps this is because people think about shared folders on a server and shared folders on a client computer quite differently. When you have a file server, people are very aware that files saved in that location will be visible to other people in the organization. When you deploy file servers, it is relatively simple to set up file shares on the basis of group membership, and people remember that a file that should be visible only to managers gets put in the Managers shared folder. Sure, you can do this with client computers, but it generally takes more effort to configure different shares with specific permissions on each client computer. It takes even more effort to get the people that actually use these computers to remember how permissions actually work. A colleague of mine had to deal with a meltdown that occurred at one client he worked for because a manager had saved performance reviews to a local folder that was visible to everyone on the network. Although there had been a specific shared folder set up that did limit document access to the administrative assistant and the company director, the manager hadn't paid attention when this was explained to him. He worked off the assumption that no one else would see the reviews because he told only his administrative assistant and the company's director that the documents were present in the shared folder. Shared printers can cause similar problems. In many small businesses, the people who run the company get the best hardware. The person that ends up with the most fully featured printer gets it because she is the person who owns the company and signs the purchase orders. The printer ends up shared so that the people who might use features such as automatic doublesided printing and collation can actually do so. The downside to this is that these people have to keep going across to the senior staff member's work space to retrieve their printing. At one organization I know, several people had to be given keys to the boss's office so they could access their printing when he was away on business. Rather than move the printer to a more public location, the boss ended up authorizing the purchase of another printer. Lesson 1: Sharing Resources Most home networks and very small businesses do not need a dedicated file and print server. There are usually only a few computers, and the number of files that people need to share is minimal. When you do not have access to a dedicated file and print server, you can use the resource sharing options included in Windows 7 to share files, folders, and printers. Windows 7 includes a new feature named HomeGroups, which simplifies the process of sharing files and printers on small networks where Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is not present. After this lesson, you will be able to: Configure HomeGroup settings. Configure sharing settings using Network And Sharing Center. Share folders. Manage printer permissions. Estimated lesson time: 40 minutes
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Dim connectPattern As Regex = New Regex( http://www\.microsoft\.com/.* )
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Figure 10-2 All critical updates and service packs are installed on this computer.
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previous list), see the Microsoft Knowledge Base and type in the exact error message
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Practice 3: Hub Transport Role Configuration
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' VB Dim writer As StreamWriter = New StreamWriter(theFile) writer.WriteLine("Hello") writer.Close() theFile.Close() // C# StreamWriter writer = new StreamWriter(theFile); writer.WriteLine("Hello"); writer.Close(); theFile.Close(); code 39 generator source
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In this second exercise, you will create a SQL Agent job that runs an SSIS package. The package used, DimCustomer.dtsx, has a package password set on it from the Lesson 1 exercises, which will require entering it during the job configuration steps.
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Table 9-1
Lab: Performing Transactions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 320
Off (requires configuration when enabled)
Incorrect: Removing Joe from the Employees global group will have no effect in
Table 5 22: Values in Autoplay Handlers Media Generic Blank CDR Mixed content CD audio DVD Music files Video files Digital images Video camera Subkey GenericVolumeArrival HandleCDBurningOnArrival MixedContentOnArrival PlayCDAudioOnArrival PlayDVDMovieOnArrival PlayMusicFilesOnArrival PlayVideoFilesOnArrival ShowPicturesOnArrival VideoCameraArrival
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B. Incorrect: An edge transport server does not hold mailbox databases or transaction log files. You might decide to back up protocol logs. C. Incorrect: A client access server does not hold mailbox databases or transaction log files unless the server also has the Mailbox server role installed. If only one client access server exists in your organization, you might consider backing up the POP/IMAP settings. D. Correct: Mailbox databases and transaction logs reside on a mailbox server and should always form part of a backup strategy. 2. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: You can back up custom audio prompts on the prompt publishing server. You do not need to back up prompts on any other unified messaging server. B. Correct: You should consider backing up custom audio prompts on a unified messaging server that is also the prompt publishing server. C. Incorrect: An edge transport server cannot have any additional server roles installed. You cannot therefore have the Edge Transport and Unified Messaging roles installed on the same server. D. Incorrect: Although it is true that you cannot use NTBackup to carry out an Exchange-aware backup of the prompts directory on a unified messaging server, you can still use the tool to perform a file-level backup. 3. Correct Answers: A and B A. Correct: Full or normal backup is available whether circular logging is enabled or not. B. Correct: Copy backup is available whether circular logging is enabled or not. C. Incorrect: Partial backups, incremental or differential, are not available if circular logging is enabled. D. Incorrect: This answer is incorrect for the reason given for answer C. 4. Correct Answers: A, B, and C A. Correct: You can back up to a folder in a second hard disk on the same server. B. Correct: You can back up to a folder on an external hard disk, disk array, or other disk-based storage solution.
Configuring and Troubleshooting Connectivity for Applications (4.0)
user interface pages on startup.
Configuring the Phishing Filter
Communication skills Aptitude skills Personal skills
Lesson Summary
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