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Built-In System Groups
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The efficient recovery of lost data is the end goal of all backup jobs. A backup job is a single process of backing up data. Regularly backing up the data on server hard disks and client computer hard disks prevents data loss caused by disk drive failures, power outages, virus infections, and other such incidents. If data loss occurs, and you have carefully planned and performed regular backups, you can restore the lost data, whether it is a single file or an entire hard disk.
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The correct answer is c. The Print permission allows users to send documents to the printer.
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Sender Server
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To help you successfully master the exam objectives presented in this chapter, complete the following tasks.
Objective 4.3
RAID Performance and Costs
"VB Namespace MSLearning.12.Services <JustInTimeActivation>_ Public Class OrderService
Resolving a Service Call
Don t Update Application-Level Settings
To display the Date and Time Properties dialog box
Lesson 3 Review
E. Select the RAID controller in the Device Manager. From the Action menu, select
IE7 vs. IE7+
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// C# // Expands the child nodes of a TreeNode named aNode
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