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// null values we can set the IsNullable property
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Using Ink with MSN Messenger on Your Tablet PC
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Tuning Agent Parameters
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a. New Computer B. Refresh Computer c. Replace Computer D. Upgrade Computer
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The Interfaces tab of the DNS server properties dialog box allows you to specify which of the local computer s IP addresses the DNS server should listen to for DNS requests. The Forwarders tab of the DNS server properties dialog box allows you to forward DNS queries received by the local DNS server to upstream DNS servers, called forwarders. This tab also allows you to disable recursion for select queries (as spec ified by domain). By configuring a DNS server inside a firewall to forward external queries to a sin gle DNS forwarder outside your firewall, and by then opening ports through the firewall only to this one forwarder, you can resolve DNS names without exposing your network to outside servers. The Root Hints tab provides a simple way to modify the contents in the Cache.dns file. If you are using your DNS server to resolve Internet names, you do not nor mally need to modify these entries. However, if you are using your DNS server only to answer queries for hosts in a separate and private DNS namespace, you should alter these root hints to point to the root servers in your network. Finally, if your DNS server computer is itself the root server (named . ) of your private namespace, you should delete the Cache.dns file. The Monitoring tab of the DNS server properties dialog box allows you to check basic DNS functionality with two simple tests: a simple query against the local DNS server, and a recursive query to the root DNS servers.
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5. Add a button to the form and set the following properties:
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<s:Envelope> <s:Header> <a:Action> http://GreetingMessage/Action </a:Action>
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Threads are scheduled based on this enumeration. In most cases, you will want to use the default (Normal). Deciding to use threads that have higher or lower thread priority can cause the operation system to starve a thread more than you might expect, or if you use higher priorities (especially Highest), you can starve the system. Although it is necessary to use non-Normal thread priorities at times, make this decision with much caution. Increasing the performance of a system simply by increasing thread priority is not likely to help in the long term, as other starved threads tend to back up and cause unexpected consequences.
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Click the Advanced button on the Security tab of a file or folder s Properties dialog box to display the Advanced Security Settings dialog box (shown in Figure 8-5), which lists the users and groups and the permissions they have on this object. The Permissions Entries box also shows where the permissions were inherited from and where they are applied.
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Before taking the exam, review the key topics and terms that are presented in this chapter. You need to know this information.
Case Scenario
Answer the following questions for your manager: 1. Which collection will you use, knowing that the size of the list will change and might be either small or large 2. How will showing the listing agent affect the performance of your application
' VB ' Create some DataTables
The User Accounts tool allows administrators to create a new user account, change an existing account, and change the way a user logs on or logs off. The Computer Management snap-in allows you to create, modify, and delete user accounts for the local computer on which you are working. If your computer is part of a network, you can use the Computer Management snap-in on a remote computer.
Process: Page Faults/sec
Estimated lesson time: 45 minutes
Tested Skills and Suggested Practices
// C# try { northwindDataSet1.WriteXml(@"C:\DataSources\Northwind.xml"); MessageBox.Show("Data saved as Northwind.xml"); }
Read := C:\Windows\ )>
11 Troubleshooting Application Access on Multiuser, Multiple Boot, and Networked Computers
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