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1. Disk Management. 2. CHKDSK. 3. Missing disks aren t connected or are corrupted. Offline disks are intermittently available. Only dynamic disks can be marked as Offline.
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NOTE CurrentUICulture must be set at the application s startup
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the Dsmod command with the East Sales OU as the target.
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Don t confuse ASP.NET authentication types with these IIS authentication types: Basic authentication, Integrated Windows authentication, Digest authentication, and Passport authentication. These types authenticate users to the Web server only, and not to the application. However, IIS does forward a user s credentials to ASP.NET, allowing your application to perform ASP.NET Windows authentication with the same credentials presented to IIS. Each of these authentication methods requires configuring Internet Information Services (IIS) by using the Internet Information Services Manager and creating one or more Web.config files. This lesson describes how to configure both IIS and your application for each of the standard Web authentication types.
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2. Which database setting is valid for database mirroring A. Full recovery model B. 80 compatibility level C. Read only D. Bulk-Logged recovery model
Lesson 1: Creating SSIS Packages and Data Sources
Practice 3: Using Telnet to Test the SMTP Service
' Bind the CustomersGrid and OrdersGrid to display the data.
ClickOnce is a powerful new deployment technology that enables developers to quickly and reliably publish applications to Web sites, file shares, or FTP sites. ClickOnce applications can be configured to automatically find and install updates. You can configure an application to look for updates every time it is run or at a predetermined interval. By default, ClickOnce applications are run under the Internet security zone if downloaded from the Web or under the intranet security zone if downloaded from a file share. If additional permissions are required, they can be set by the developer, either manually or by calculating the required permission set, and they can then be approved or denied by the installer. Installing a ClickOnce application is as simple as clicking the Setup file or the Install button on a Web page and following the instructions.
Practice using SSMS, BDIS, SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS. Build upon the practices and examples given in this and other chapters in this book. In particular, look at how you would build and use data mining models.
SqlDataAdapter Toolbox item
Managing and Maintaining Physical and Logical Devices
Distributor Configuration Script
If this same code was run with United States English as the CurrentCulture, the output would be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, respectively. The same differences exist with respect to months, as shown in the following code:
// C# IAsyncResult BeginRead(byte[] array, int offset, int numBytes, AsyncCallback userCallback, object stateObject);
Using the CD and DVD
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