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Implementing ISA Server 2004, Enterprise Edition
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Here you saw a taste of what is possible in WPF with gestures, and how you can put together a simple application that uses this functionality very quickly. In the next section, you ll review some of the new classes in WPF that provide this functionality, before wrapping up and going to the next chapter, which deals with how you can use the touch APIs directly, without going through the gesture classes.
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Logical Volumes
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Ticket closed
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Case Scenario 2: Configuring Mobile Devices
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Technical Support
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You can configure which authentication method ISA Server will use to authenticate users that connect using Web Proxy clients. ISA Server supports the following authentication methods:
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MAinTAining LiCEnsEs
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New user information entered in Excel
1. What type of update can you configure either to be installed or not to be installed automatically if the Install Updates Automatically setting is enabled in Windows Update A. Important B. Recommended C. Optional D. Stand-alone 2. The installation of which types of update never requires elevated privileges (Choose all that apply.) A. Important B. Recommended C. Optional D. Stand-alone
to delete files.
As you can see, because XML is hierarchical in nature, you don t need to keep track of which customer or order you are currently iterating over. Instead, this is managed by the hierarchy in your XML document.
Unfortunately, developing your component s base features is often not enough for real-world systems. Most components should include common infrastructure requirements. These requirements include exception handling and profiling support. In this lesson we will discuss how to plan for this infrastructure.
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After this lesson, you will be able to:
In some cases, when the application launches, you might receive an error message indicating that you are Unable to automatically debug DemoService . The Remote Procedure could not be debugged . This is frequently caused by having debugging disabled in WCF, a state that has been the default in past versions. For the purpose of this exercise, it is safe to ignore the message by clicking OK. However, you can usually eliminate the error message by performing the following steps.
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