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Modifying network rules to change network relationships In some cases, you may also need to change the default network rules that are created by the network templates. For example, the 3-Leg Perimeter network template creates a route relationship between the perimeter network and the external network and a NAT relationship between the perimeter network and the internal network. If you use private IP addresses in the perimeter network, you must change the perimeter network to external network rule to a NAT relationship. Configuring publishing rules or access rules for inbound access The network template only enables Internet and perimeter network access from the internal networks. To enable access to internal resources from the Internet, you must configure publishing rules.
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Lesson 2
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Although the closest server should be automatically contacted, sometimes it is necessary to configure the Autodiscover service to use site affinity. Site affinity defines a preferred Active Directory site that a client connects to for a particular Autodiscover service. To configure site affinity for the Autodiscover service, run the following command:
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specified, it is either unknown or not applicable. In the database, the column would be null to designate this unknown state. Because it is impossible for the absence of something to equal the absence of something, a null cannot be used in comparisons because a null does not equal another null.
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Description Sets the source for data binding in this control. Represents the data member that is displayed in this control. Specifies a formatting string that will be used to format the entries in the control if FormattingEnabled is set to True. Determines whether the entries in the control are format ted using the FormatString. Returns the collection of items contained in this control. Indicates whether this item shows multiple columns of items or only a single item. Gets the index of the selected item or, if the SelectionMode property is set to MultiSimple or MultiSelect, returns any selected index. Returns a collection of all selected indexes. Returns the selected item or, if the SelectionMode property is set to MultiSimple or MultiSelect, returns any selected item. Returns a collection of all selected items. In a data-bound control, returns the value associated with the selected item. If the control is not data bound, or, if the ValueMember is not set, this property returns the ToString value of the selected item.
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Figure 6-6
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40 developers workstations onto this new subnet. Create and edit a new GPO, implementing the separate password policy requested by the developers via this GPO. Apply the GPO to the newly created site hosting the developers computer accounts.
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Strictly speaking, you can also use some of the services available in the System.Runtime.InteropServices namespace, but doing so is cumbersome and error prone. For the sake of this lesson, we ll focus on the two approaches just listed.
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Useless Log Messages
Seven Layers of HTTP Endpoint Security
In all, breakpoints are powerful tools for resolving errors and validating functionality. Combined with data views in the data flow, they provide comprehensive debugging support during your package development. Pr actice
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More demanding operational requirements might call for fault tolerance and scalability. Windows Clustering in Windows Server provides two different but complementary technologies to provide scalable and highly available SSAS solutions. Table 8-2 provides a high-level comparison of the Network Load Balancing (NLB) and Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) technologies.
1. In the Local Area Connection Properties dialog box, on the Advanced tab, in the Windows Firewall section, click Settings. 2. In the Windows Firewall dialog box, on the Exceptions tab, select the File And Printer Sharing check box. 3. Click OK. Windows Firewall is now configured to allow file and printer sharing traffic into your computer. 4. Click OK again to close the Local Area Connection Properties dialog box.
4. Which of the following statements about file systems are correct Choose all that apply. a. File- and folder-level security is available only with NTFS. b. Disk compression is available with FAT, FAT32, and NTFS.
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