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Comments are useful and necessary to document the contents of your policy templates. You can add comments to template files two different ways. Precede the comment with a semicolon (;) or two forward slashes (//). You can also place comments at the end of any valid line. You see examples of comments throughout this chapter; I've documented each example using them. Each line in the following example is a valid comment. I prefer using //for comments. Listing 6 2: example.adm
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3. A folder is shared on an NTFS volume, with the default share permissions. The Project Managers group is given Allow Full Control NTFS permission. Julie, who belongs to the Project Managers group, calls to report problems creating files in the folder. Why can t Julie create files
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To easily populate data-bound controls in Windows and Web-based applications To process data from multiple tables and potentially different data sources while maintaining the relationships between these tables To cache data locally for operations such as sorting or filtering To pass data through application tiers or through an XML Web service
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In this exercise, you start the Recovery Console and use the Help command to view the available commands. You then use the Listsvc and Disable commands. 1. Restart your computer. 2. In the Please Select The Operating System To Start screen, select Windows Recovery Console.
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Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-21
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Mirror Role
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Preparing to Deploy Windows 7
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Note Embedding and linking sounds and images is an important part of creating PowerPoint presentations. Embedding and linking were detailed in the Word 2003 portion of this chapter, and procedures for embedding and linking objects are similar in PowerPoint.
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Describe the planning process for the deployment of an ISA Server infrastructure Describe the network infrastructure requirements for deploying ISA Server List the server requirements for installing ISA Server Perform capacity planning
ret += rdr.ReadOuterXml();
The CREATE LOGIN statement is new in SQL Server 2005. To change the properties of an existing SQL Server login, use the ALTER LOGIN statement.
Configuring and Troubleshooting Connectivity for Applications (4.0)
At this stage, you should now have the answers to the following questions:
Set this to ON if Service Broker should start the stored procedure.
Exercise 1: Installing Network Monitor
Creating a DHCP Strategy
14. Answer the following questions: By default, does your router block outsiders from pinging your external interface By default, does your router block insiders from pinging your external interface
Retrieving Data from a Function
You are a developer at the Graphic Design Institute. Your job is not a glamorous one you are responsible for creating behind-the-scenes classes that provide the business and transaction logic that are shared between multiple applications at your organization. Other developers create the front-end interfaces and use your classes to store transactions and communicate with internal databases. There are a total of six .NET Framework applications that use your library. Some users use only one of the applications; others use three or four. Today, each developer distributes a separate copy of the latest version of your assembly and stores it in the application s installation folder. As a result, users might have several copies of your assembly, and possibly multiple versions. After a recent security training, you added robust input validation features to your assembly. You want to ensure users receive the updated assembly immediately; however, most of the other developers will not redistribute their applications for several months. You have more security enhancements planned, including adding communications encryption and strong authentication. To simplify the distribution of these future updates, your manager wants you to identify a way to store and distribute your assembly that enables you to update a single copy of the assembly. Interviews
Off the Record
You process the Adventure Works cube on a monthly basis as a last step of the ETL process that populates the AdventureWorksDW2008 database. However, some business users have reported that they would like to analyze sales data in real time. When a new Internet order is placed in the sales system, a lightweight ETL process enters the order data into the AdventureWorksDW2008 database. You need to enhance the Adventure Works cube to support low-latency reporting. In addition, based on some preliminary testing, the QA users have reported inadequate query response times when they browse the Adventure Works cube. You need improve the cube performance. How would you implement a low-latency partition to let business users browse the daily order data For the same scenario, what can you do to optimize the cube performance As an administrator, you follow an iterative design, test, and deploy cycle to implement a cube. You use BIDS to design the cube and test it locally. Periodically, you need to deploy your changes to a test server for user acceptance testing. To handle high reporting volumes, the production SSAS servers are load-balanced. Instead of processing all production cubes individually, you want to process the cube on a staging server and then deploy it to the production servers. Only new members are added to a large dimension, and you need to minimize the dimension processing time. What deployment options would you use to deploy the cube to testing and production environments For the scenario described in question 3, what processing option would you use to add only new members to a dimension
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