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John and Mary share the same computer running Windows XP Professional. You log on to their computer with an account that has administrative access and install a suite of internally developed applications used to access data on some of your firm s mainframe computers. You confirm that the applications were correctly installed by opening and testing each from their shortcuts on the Start menu. Later, they both report that they cannot find the icons for any of the programs. Which of the following is the quickest way to ensure that both John and Mary can easily access the suite of applications you just installed Choose the correct answer. A. Copy the program group for the suite of applications from your user profile to the Default User profile. B. Copy the program group for the suite of applications from your user profile to John and Mary s user profiles. C. Have John log on to the computer and install the suite of applications, and then have him log off. Have Mary perform the same installation while logged on with her user account. D. Copy the program group for the suite of applications from your user profile to the All Users profile.
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// C# // Populate the CellValueTextBox with the selected cell
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Computer Disable HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Configuration\Administrative showing the Explorer\Infodelivery\Restrictions\NoSplash Templates\Windows splash screen Components\Internet Explorer User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer Search: HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Disable Explorer\Infodelivery\Restrictions\NoSearchCustomization Search Customization Search: Disable Find Files via F3 within the browser Disable external branding of Internet Explorer HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Restrictions\NoFindFiles
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Click Start, and then click Control Panel. In Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance. In the Performance and Maintenance window, click Power Options.
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A single domain spanning two sites
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Resolving Complex Networking Issues
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You have successfully installed ISA Server 2004 and now must configure it to meet your organization s needs. Your company s security policy states the following: 1. Users must be able to ping the ISA Server computer from the Internal network only. 2. ISA Server will use Active Directory only for authentication. 3. Administrators must be able to administer ISA Server remotely using an MMC installed on a computer on the Internal network. 4. ISA Server Firewall clients will not be deployed. 5. Microsoft Operations Manager will be used for remote monitoring. 6. Remote logging will be done to an internal SQL database. 7. You need to be able verify connectivity to a published Web site from the ISA Server computer.
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Lesson 2: Debugging and Tracing
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If you prefer, you can use the IE7+ Address bar instead of the Search bar. Type Find, Go, or followed by a keyword, website name, or phrase, and then press ENTER. If you want the search results to display in a new tab, press Alt+Enter after typing the phrase. generate code 39
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MessageQueue queue = new MessageQueue(cQueueName);
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DBAs who want to automate the task of moving a database from one server to another during the upgrade process can use SQL Server s Copy Database Wizard. The Copy Database Wizard gives DBAs a way to move one or more SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005 databases, with their associated objects, while the source database is either online and available for use or offline. This direct copy makes efficient use of disk space while preserving database uptime. With the Copy Database Wizard, DBAs can
To control access to network resources in a workgroup environment
Traditionally, managed code applications saved only application-level information in an application configuration file. Actually, saved isn t quite correct. Information could be retrieved from the application configuration file. The actual saving process was an awkward one that involved manual editing or the creation of a custom application to modify the config file. There was no built-in capability to save application-level data from within the application itself. Also, there was no scoping of the configuration settings. All of the settings were in a single file that was accessible to anyone who ran the application not the greatest situation from a security perspective. And certainly not a good place to store user-level preferences. Although .NET 2.0 has added a lot of functionality to the System.Configuration namespace, this base application setting s functionality is still in place. What has changed, however, is the focus of application settings. Rather than being a catch-all for anything that should be parameterized, application settings now fills its intended purpose being a repository for information that is required for the application to run, regardless of who is using it. That last phrase is the important distinction for experienced developers to understand. Application settings contain information that is to be used across all users of the application. So database connections, queue names, and log file directories would be appropriate. The screen location to which the user had last dragged the main form should not be; at least, not any more. From an architectural perspective, the values that are stored in application-level configuration files are those that are common across all instances of the application. In other words, pretty much anything that isn t specific to a particular user can be put there. But even with those
You have purchased a second-hand computer and are connecting it to a hybrid network that obtains its configuration from DHCP provided by a third-party WAP. The computer is not wireless-enabled, so you plug it into an Ethernet hub and switch it on. It cannot access the Internet. You enter ipconfig from the Command Prompt console and discover that the computer has an IP address of You know the WAP is working properly and the Ethernet connection is okay. What should you check next
Domains and Forests
Why This Matters
Case Scenario 2: Contoso Postdeployment Role Configuration
To further practice and reinforce the skills you learned in this chapter, you can complete the following tasks:
To expedite the entry of the Web site address, tap http://, and then tap www.
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
C. Incorrect: Outlook does not allow customization of shortcut menus.
Management Reviews
Building Multitouch Applications in Managed Code
even when no DNS or WINS server is available. Essentially, this option, which is enabled by default, allows the router to pass NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) broadcasts from the remote access client to all of the network segments connected to the router. Figure 9-7 illustrates a network in which this feature has been enabled.
priority="Integer Value specifying priority"
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