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When to Use Hardware Profiles
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Exam Tip
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Objective 3.4 Questions 1.
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Special Permissions: Full control for subfolders and files only Full Control Full Control Special Permissions: Traverse Folder/Execute File, List Folder/Read Data, Read Attributes, Read Extended Attributes, Read Permissions, Create Files/Write Data, and Create Folders/Append Data
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hard disk of your local computer so that while you are disconnected from the network, you can work with the local copy exactly as if it were the original. When you reconnect to the network, Windows synchronizes your cached files with the remote counterpart, so that the file or folder is current on both your local computer and the remote network share. You will learn more about offline files in Lesson 5, Supporting Offline Files.
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monitoring The real-time (or near real-time)
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Page 7-20
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How to Configure an Audit Policy
The techniques described in the chapter up to this point require you to create custom file formats to store digital signatures. You can simplify the storage and transfer of digital signatures by using the XML digital signature specification (XMLDSIG) and the .NET Framework classes designed to enable digitally signing XML documents. XMLDSIG provides standards for creating and representing digital signatures in XML documents. Because XML documents can contain multiple data types and are easily parsed by applications, they represent an ideal way to store and transfer digital signatures. If the document you are signing can be expressed in XML, you can even store the digital signature along with the document you are signing.
job step A block of code to execute. Each job
Dim ResponseImage As Byte()
Every aggregation in this cube must include this attribute or a related attribute at a lower level of the attribute chain. For example, if you have Month->Quarter->Year attribute relationships and you set the AggregationUsage property of Year to Full, the server might favor Quarter instead of Year because the Year totals can be derived from Quarter totals. No aggregations will include this attribute. Consider using this option for infrequently used attributes.
Exercise 1: Creating a Superscope and Member Scopes
' Close the file fs.Close ' Display the deserialized string Console.WriteLine(data) // C# // Open file to read the data from FileStream fs = new FileStream("SerializedString.Data", FileMode.Open); // Create a BinaryFormatter object to perform the deserialization BinaryFormatter bf = new BinaryFormatter(); // Create the object to store the deserialized data string data = ""; // Use the BinaryFormatter object to deserialize the data from the file data = (string) bf.Deserialize(fs); // Close the file fs.Close(); // Display the deserialized string Console.WriteLine(data);
1. Ensure that users back up their EFS key. This can be done using Cipher.exe, the Manage File Encryption Certificates tool, or through Certmgr.msc. The users should use Credential Manager to back up their stored Web site passwords. 2. Get each user to create his or her own password reset disk. 3. Configure the Maximum Password Age policy and configure the Enforce Password History policy. Suggested Practices To help you master the exam objectives presented in this chapter, complete the following tasks. Configure User Account Control (UAC) You should perform the first practice and then test it using one of the standard user accounts that you have created in previous exercises. The second practice requires two computers to test. Practice 1 Configure UAC policies using the Local Security Policy console so that standard users are prompted for credentials when performing an activity that requires elevated privileges, such as attempting to run an elevated command prompt. Practice 2 Configure UAC policies using the Local Security Policy console so that a user in the helper role is able to respond to a UAC prompt by entering their credentials when connected remotely using Remote Assistance. Use the computer named Aberdeen, which you configured in 6, "Network Settings," as the computer from which the Remote Assistance invitation is sent.
Option Disable
Specifically, the process of enforcing database consistency and bringing the database online. More generally, database recovery can refer to the complete process of restoring a database and bringing it online after a failure. The process of using backup files to overwrite a database. Usu ally performed after a database failure.
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