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Creation Quick Response Code in .NET Lesson 3

Technical Requirements
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figURE 11-17 An Enforced GPO in the Group Policy Management console
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Monitoring Network Protocol Security 11-43
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The goal of an exception framework is to provide common functionality to all exception handlers while maintaining the flexibility to change the routing used by any specific exception at run time. Some of the information used to modify the routing could include the severity of the error, the source of the error, or the type. That s a lot to accomplish, so let s start by looking at the requirements in more detail.
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Network Libraries
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You can now explore the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) this service generates. From the app.config file in the ServiceConsoleHost project, you can see that the service is hosted at http://localhost:8080/Tasks. Therefore, you can open your browser to this Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and, from there, follow the link to http://localhost:8080/Tasks wsdl to see the WSDL. The app.config for this project sets the HttpGetEnabled property to true, which exposes the service metadata through HTTPGET. In the next steps, you edit the configuration file to see what effect it has on the exposed metadata. 3. End the service that is currently running by pressing Shift+F5 in Visual Studio. Open the app.config file in the ServiceConsoleHost project by double-clicking the file in Solution Explorer. Edit this file so that the httpGetEnabled property is set to a value of false. Remove or comment out the mex endpoint. Save the app.config file, which should now look like the following. (The changes are shown in bold.)
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configuration settings. You use GPMC to create Group Policy objects, which are Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) objects containing configuration settings, which administrators can apply to users or computers and can associate with domains, sites, or organizational units (OUs).
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User and Data Security
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Case Scenario 1: Modifying Data
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Allow Background Saves Documents are automatically saved in the background every 10 minutes. A user might want to disable this to avoid saving changes to a file before he or she is ready. Save Word Files As You can save Word files as Word documents, XML docu ments, single-file Web pages, Web pages, or document templates.
Do not confuse the use of the term slave server with the term slave zone, which is used in some implementations of DNS. In some non-Microsoft DNS servers, such as Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND), primary zones are called master zones and secondary zones are called slave zones.
Contoso currently maintains a bank of 40 modems at headquarters that remote salespeople connect to using laptops while traveling around the country. Recently, a consultant has identified the costs involved in supporting the modem bank and the associated long-distance changes as an area that can be rationalized. You have the national telephone number of an Internet service provider (ISP) that has a point-ofpresence in each location that Contoso salespeople travel to. How could you use ISA Server 2004 to rationalize the costs of remote access to the Contoso network (Choose the correct answer.) A. Install the Firewall Client software on each salesperson s laptop. Configure each laptop with the dial-up information for the national ISP. Instruct salespeople to connect to the ISP when working remotely. B. Configure each salesperson s laptop as a SecureNAT client of the ISA Server computer. Configure each laptop with the dial-up information for the national ISP. Instruct salespeople to connect to the ISP when working remotely. C. Configure each salesperson s laptop as a Web proxy client of the ISA Server computer. Configure each laptop with the dial-up information for the national ISP. Instruct salespeople to connect to the ISP when working remotely.
Estimated lesson time: 30 minutes
There are two types of groups: security and distribution. Security groups can be assigned permissions although distribution groups are used primarily as e-mail distribution lists. In addition to local groups, which are maintained only in the local SAM database of a domain member server, there are three domain group scopes: global, domain local, and universal.
Action Executes methods
Network Address Translation (NAT) protocol makes it possible for smaller companies using a private addressing scheme to connect to resources on the Internet. Remember that the IP addresses in Table 9-1 are routable internally only for a company or home network and are not routable over the Internet.
It is unlikely that you will be expected to remember all the parameters that can be used with the Set-PublicFolder cmdlet. However, you should know or be able to work out what the more commonly used parameters do, such as those listed in Table 4-1. Fortunately, the parameter names (for example, UseDataReplicationShedule) are fairly descriptive.
Next, you should create a working prototype of at least one of each screen type. This will ensure that users and developers of the system understand the screen type. You might also end up creating reusable base forms or user controls to help during implementation. Having a set of implemented screen types will also add to the overall reference architecture for the development team. Finally, you might wish to define the actual user interface (UI) look and feel as part of the prototype phase. This step usually involves creating designs and working with the users to validate those designs. Having these designs up front will help set standards for the application and mitigate further risks and possible delays.
The Disk Cleanup tool is a utility that ships with Microsoft Windows and helps you free up space on your hard disk by identifying files that you can safely delete. You can choose to delete some or all of the identified files. Use Disk Cleanup to do the following: Remove temporary Internet files. Remove downloaded program files (such as Microsoft ActiveX controls and Java applets). Empty the Recycle Bin. Remove Windows temporary files. Remove optional Windows components that you don t use. Remove installed programs that you no longer use.
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