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BE SURE TO log on to your mobile PC before beginning this exercise.
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For more information about hard disk defragmentation, search for What is disk defragmentation in Windows Help and Support.
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Optimizing RAID Configuration
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-samid SAMName -desc Description -loc Location
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For more information, search for Windows Meeting Space: frequently asked questions in Windows Help and Support and refer to Lesson 2, Configuring Windows Contacts and Windows Calendar, of 9, Configuring Communications Applications.
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If you are using EAP-TLS for user authentication, you must install a user certificate on all VPN clients, and if the authenticating server is a RADIUS server, you must install a com puter certificate on the RADIUS server. L2TP/IPSec VPNs do not require the use of EAP-TLS for user authentication.
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newRow6["ProductName"] = "Ikura";
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Implementing Security at Design Time
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B. Use Dsquery to get the members of the group, and then pipe (stdin) the output to
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Windows Defender and other antispyware programs can detect most spyware and remove most of what it detects. However, even if Windows Defender tells you your system is clean, spyware could still be lurking somewhere. You might have some form of spyware on your computer if you notice any of the following:
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Key Terms
The command-line executable file DTExec is a fully featured utility with broad parameterization capabilities. You can generate the command line manually by applying the command parameters to meet the execution circumstance, but to save time and avoid errors, you can use the command-line builder utility named DTExecUI. DTExecUI is a visual tool that naturally groups the command parameter options. The server on which you run DTExecUI must have SSIS installed. To open DTExecUI, type Dtexecui either from a command prompt or by choosing Start and then Run to open the Run dialog box. You can open the tool from the Run dialog box or from the command prompt without specifying the path. Figure 4-5 shows the DTExecUI tool, which groups the command parameters in the left pane. To use DTExecUI, follow these steps:
using System.Security.Cryptography;
The correct answer is c. The file does exist on the server, but the file has been corrupted. You should replace the file with the copy in the backup set.
Figure 6-8
4. After you delete the file, return to SSMS and start the MSSSQLSERVER service by right-clicking the DBSRV1 (server) icon at the root of the console tree and then choosing Start. 5. Click Yes in the message box, verifying that you want to start the MSSQL SERVER service. 6. After the MSSQLSERVER service has started, close any open query panes with out saving any changes, and then click New Query. 7. In the query pane, enter the following code:
Lesson 2
Troubleshooting Simple File Sharing
Output from GetAuthorInformation Web service
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