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In Windows Server 2008 R2, WDS has additional multicasting capabilities, such as support for IPv6 multicasts. you can also configure WDS to automatically disconnect clients that are running below a specified network transmission speed, or you can split the transmission into two or three sessions, running fast and slow, or fast, medium, and slow, using the Transfer Settings options shown in Figure 6-5. These options enable you to prevent one workstation from affecting the others in the multicast.
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NetBIOS is enabled by default for all local area connections in Windows Server 2003. However, if you have implemented DNS on your network and do not need to provide compatibility with versions of Windows earlier than Windows 2000, you have the option of disabling NetBIOS for any or all network connections. The main advantage of disabling NetBIOS is improved network security. NetBIOS as a service stores information about network resources that can be collected by any host through broadcast-based queries. Feasibly, this information could be exploited by a malicious intruder. Another advantage of disabling NetBIOS is that doing so can sim plify administration by reducing the number of naming infrastructures that you must configure, maintain, and support. The most obvious disadvantage of disabling NetBIOS is that it renders inoperable network browsing through the Microsoft Windows Network icon. (You access this icon in Windows Explorer by expanding My Network Places and by then double-clicking the Entire Network icon.) Network browsing is made possible by the availability of browse
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New-StorageGroup Server Glasgow Name "Recovery Storage Group" Recovery
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Lesson 3
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' VB Try Dim cookie As LockCookie = rwLock.UpgradeToWriterLock(1000) counter = counter + 1 rwLock.DowngradeFromWriterLock( cookie) Catch ' Could not get a lock, so ignore the writing portion End Try // C# try { LockCookie cookie = rwLock.UpgradeToWriterLock(1000); counter++; rwLock.DowngradeFromWriterLock(ref cookie); } catch (ApplicationException) { // Could not get a lock, so ignore the writing portion }
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Using Encryption
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this.Region = myRegion;
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Part 1: Learn at Your Own Pace
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CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX idx_CustomerAddress_City ON dbo.CustomerAddress(City) ON ps(CustomerAddressID);
Figure 6-12
// Was an XmlReader object passed
Troubleshooting Post-Installation System Settings
Console.WriteLine("Message is sent to queue.")
Loading a DataSet from an XML Stream or Document
These rules identify files based on their location within the file system. Path rules are less secure than other rule types because an attacker can substitute malware for a known file if they have the ability to overwrite the original file at its location.
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Lesson 4: Configuring Network Printers
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