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<Order PurchaseOrderID="4001" Status="2" OrderDate="2004-03-14T00:00:00" Shipdate="2004-0408T00:00:00" TotalDue="5036.1465"> <Vendor VendorName="G & K Bicycle Corp."> <ShipMethod ShipMethod="OVERSEAS - DELUXE"> <Detail OrderQty="25" UnitPrice="13.0863" LineTotal="327.1575"> <Product ProductName="Sport-100 Helmet, Red" /> <Product ProductName="Sport-100 Helmet, Black" /> </Detail> <Detail OrderQty="300" UnitPrice="13.0800" LineTotal="3924.0000"> <Product ProductName="Sport-100 Helmet, Blue" /> </Detail> </ShipMethod> </Vendor> </Order> <Order PurchaseOrderID="4002" Status="2" OrderDate="2004-10-23T00:00:00" Shipdate="2004-1117T00:00:00" TotalDue="1122.0000"> <Vendor VendorName="Jeff's Sporting Goods"> <ShipMethod ShipMethod="OVERSEAS - DELUXE"> <Detail OrderQty="150" UnitPrice="3.4000" LineTotal="510.0000"> <Product ProductName="Mountain Bike Socks, M" /> <Product ProductName="Mountain Bike Socks, L" /> </Detail> </ShipMethod> </Vendor> </Order>
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Examine the units in the application, and test that each method handles valid and invalid input correctly. At a minimum, additional tests should:
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threshold is met or exceeded, the subscription status is displayed as Performance critical.
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EXEC GetTomorrowsDate
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What are the restrictions on the SELECT statement within a view COMPUTE or COMPUTE BY clauses are not allowed. You cannot use the INTO keyword or OPTION clause. Temporary tables and table variables cannot be referenced. An ORDER BY clause cannot be specified unless the TOP operator is also used.
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2. Which authentication protocol must you use to support the use of smart cards
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Correct Answers: D A. Incorrect: The /O parameter overwrites Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) files without prompting the user for confirmation. Instead, you must use the /U or /Q parameters to perform an unattended installation of Windows XP Ser vice Pack 2. However, the /O parameter is often used in conjunction with /U or /Q to enable overwriting of OEM files without human intervention. B. Incorrect: The /Z parameter prevents the computer from rebooting after installa tion of the service pack is complete. Instead, you must use the /U or /Q parame ters to perform an unattended installation of Windows XP Service Pack 2. C. Incorrect: The /F parameter forces applications to close when the computer needs to reboot after installation of the service pack is complete. Instead, you must use the /U or /Q parameters to perform an unattended installation of Win dows XP Service Pack 2. However, the /F parameter is often used in conjunction with /U or /Q to enable the computer to reboot without human intervention. D. Correct: Use the /U parameter to install Windows XP Service Pack 2 with default options without prompting the user. You can also use the /Q parameter, which functions similarly, but does not display any prompts on the screen to inform the user of the installation progress.
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Notification If Automatic Updates is configured to notify the user before downloading updates, it registers the notification of an available update in the system event log and to a logged-on administrator of the computer. If an administrator is not logged on, Automatic Updates waits for a user with administrator credentials before offering notification by means of a balloon in the notification area of the system tray.
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Troubleshooting Lab
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' VB Dim a As Assembly = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly() ' Get all the types in the Assembly Dim assemblytypes() As Type = a.GetTypes() // C# Assembly a = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly(); // Get all the types in the Assembly Type[] assemblytypes = a.GetTypes();
Securing and Maintaining ISA Server 2004
Exercise 3: Confirming the ISA Server Configuration
Environment Variable
Describe the difference between Simple, Full, and Bulk-Logged recovery models. Describe the restore sequence of a database set to Simple, Full, or Bulk-Logged recovery models. Describe some of the elements required in a written disaster recovery plan. Restore and recover a database set to the Full recovery model.
Litware s ISP has allocated the public IP addresses through You install NAT and add the public and private interfaces. Internet connectivity is achieved, but users report that it can be quite slow. You use Network Monitor on Denver1 s public interface and discover that only two of the public IP addresses are being used. How do you ensure that all eight addresses are used
Off the Record Many organizations that deploy a back-to-back firewall configuration use two different firewalls, one for the front-end firewall and one for the back-end firewall. In most cases where companies do this, the front-end firewall is a non-Microsoft firewall while the back-end firewall might be ISA Server. In this configuration, ISA Server is often used for application filtering and as a proxy server. If you deploy this type of firewall configuration, you can still apply the principles discussed in this section. The exact configuration of the non-Microsoft firewall will vary, but many of the same principles apply.
can be written and read from the disk. It will be done with degraded performance, however.
Lesson 3
The Components\Display\ page, shown in Figure 1-9, contains information about the graphics adapter.
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