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Generate QR Code in C# Lesson 3

system administrators what privileges and ACLs must be modified to allow a standard user to run an application. You can examine and edit privileges on the local computer by following this process: 1. Log on to your computer as an administrator. 2. Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click Local Security Policy. 3. Expand Local Policies, and then click User Rights Assignment. The Local Security Settings console displays a list of all user rights assignments in the right pane, as shown in Figure 1-10.
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administrative roles Used to assign permissions on Microsoft ISA Server. Each administrative role has a predefined set of permissions that allow the user to perform specific tasks on the ISA Server computer. affinity The method used by network load balancing (NLB) to associate client requests to cluster hosts. When no affinity is specified, all network requests are load-balanced across the cluster without respect to their source. Affinity is implemented by directing all client requests from the same Internet Protocol (IP) address to the same cluster host. alert A notification of an event or action that has occurred on a Microsoft ISA Server computer. When the event occurs, an alert is triggered according to the conditions and trigger thresholds specified for the event.
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AssemblyKeyName Set to the container and key name in your strong name CSP to which you have installed a key file. For example, if you installed a key file to the CodeSigning container, you would set this value to CodeSigning , as the following sample illustrates:
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The asymmetric encryption process begins with a public key being exchanged. Generally, both the client and server exchange public keys. However, if only one side of the communication needs to be encrypted, only the peer receiving encrypted communications must provide a public key.
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To learn more about using SCCM for software updates, consult the following TechNet Web page: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb633264.aspx.
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Note that the first octet cannot contain the value of 127 because this address is reserved for loopback and other testing.
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Active Directory Certificate Services and Public Key Infrastructures
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For this task, you should complete at least Practices 1 and 2. You can do Practice 3 for a more in-depth understanding of Implementing Component Features.
After this lesson, you will be able to
Figure 11-15
Estimated lesson time: 60 minutes
int userID; // Get the user ID from the Session variable
' VB Throw New ApplicationException("Bad stuff happened") // C# throw new ApplicationException("Bad stuff happened");
It is likely that the different types of bindings and the capabilities they provide will form the basis for exam questions. The type of question that arises might include the difference between duplex and nonduplex, the support for different authentication types, and the ability to provide reliable message delivery.
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