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Figure 7-1
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Exam Tip
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Microsoft Certified Product (MCP) candidates are required to pass one current Microsoft certification exam. Candidates can pass additional Microsoft certification exams to further qualify their skills with other Microsoft products, development tools, or desktop applications. Microsoft Certified Solution Developers (MCSDs) are required to pass three core exams and one elective exam. (MCSDs for Microsoft .NET candidates are required to pass four core exams and one elective.) Microsoft Certified Application Developers (MCADs) are required to pass two core exams and one elective exam in an area of specialization. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSEs) are required to pass five core exams and two elective exams. Microsoft Certified Systems Administrators (MCSAs) are required to pass three core exams and one elective exam that provide a valid and reliable measure of techni cal proficiency and expertise. Microsoft Certified Database Administrators (MCDBAs) are required to pass three core exams and one elective exam that provide a valid and reliable measure of technical proficiency and expertise. Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are required to meet instructional and techni cal requirements specific to each Microsoft Official Curriculum course they are certified to deliver. The MCT program requires ongoing training to meet the requirements for the annual renewal of certification. For more information about becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer, visit http://www.microsoft.com/traincert /mcp/mct or contact a regional service center near you.
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2. Click Training Kit eBook on the user interface menu. You can also review any of the other eBooks that are provided for your use.
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Manage and Troubleshoot Access to and Synchronization of Offline Files
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2. Your organization s security policy states that all VPN clients that connect to your network must have the corporate antivirus application installed and updated with the latest definitions. You have set up a quarantine network and issued the CM profile to your clients with all the correct scripts. You have set up a private FTP site that the users can use to download and install the corporate antivirus program. How will you allow users to do this while they are in quarantine
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Determining Whether a File or Folder Is Encrypted
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Determining When DNS Is Required
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Windows Easy Transfer Cable Available from hardware vendors, this special cable, illustrated in Figure 2-1, plugs into the source and destination computer s universal serial bus (USB) ports. If both computers have USB 2 ports, it is possible to transfer up to a gigabyte of data between them every minute. Unless you are performing this function regularly, you might not want to purchase the cable. If you are performing transfers regularly, using a cable is simpler than performing network configuration or organizing removable media.
High-safety mode
Windows 2000 Server Based Networks
2. When should you select the Allow Only The Owner And The Administrator Access To The Backup Data And Any Backups Appended To This Media check box
When choosing the name of tables and columns, it is important to follow the organization or project s naming guidelines. A few typical naming guidelines are provided here:
Installing ISA Server 2004
Lesson 4
Figure 10-7
Mirror Stripe
Objective 5.2
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