c# qr code library open source Exercise 3: Modifying the Registry in C#.net

Develop QR-Code in C#.net Exercise 3: Modifying the Registry

if (key == { return } if (key == { return UI_PKEY_Categories) S_FALSE; UI_PKEY_CategoryId) UIInitPropertyFromUInt32(UI_PKEY_CategoryId, UI_COLLECTION_INVALIDINDEX, newValue);
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Database Mirroring
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The Web service project template creates two directories named App_code and App_data, along with an initial Web service file named Service.asmx (see Figure 1-2). The App_code directory contains source files for all classes and business objects. The App_data directory contains any data files needed for the project, including XML files or any other data storage files.
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also consider how the physical files are allocated. Log files and data files should rarely exist on the same physical disks, and multiple data files can reside on separate physical disks as well. Limited space for tempdb Continuously monitoring the tempdb helps to prevent your SQL Server from running out of space and experiencing errors. There are several things that can cause SQL Server to run low on space for the tempdb. For example, applications might hold transactions open too long, stored procedures and user-defined functions might create and drop a large number of temp tables, and query plans might create too many temporary objects. Memory issues Memory can refer to physical or virtual memory, whether internal or external. Although it might be necessary to add more memory to the SQL Server, issues might also be resolved by adjusting the demands for major memory consumers, adjusting the server configuration, and increasing the swap file size. Orphaned connections A common mistake for new and even some experienced database developers is to leave connections open too long or not to close them at all. If a database connection is not specifically closed, it can remain open for some time before it times out and is released. Connections that are not specifically released are known as orphaned connections; they can cause an unnecessary consumption of resources. For more information about analyzing and resolving SQL Server performance problems, refer to the TechNet article Troubleshooting Performance Problems in SQL Server 2005 at http:// www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sql/2005/tsprfprb.mspx.
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Giving a Presentation
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Full Recovery Model
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Configuring Internet Explorer Security
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Table 8-3
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Questions and Answers
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Configuring DNS Servers and Clients
Configure Windows Forms print options at run time. Change the printers attached to a user s machine in Windows Forms. Configure the PrintPreviewDialog control. Display a Print Preview in Windows applications. Set page details for printing using the PageSetupDialog component.
8 Review
Installed Windows Vista Ultimate on a personal computer, as described in 1, Installing Windows Vista Client, and 2, Windows Vista Upgrades and Migrations. Created an administrator account and standard accounts and enabled the Run command on the Start menu, as described in Practices 1, 2, and 3 of 4, Configuring and Troubleshooting Internet Access, Lesson 1, Configuring and Troubleshooting Parental Controls and Content Advisor.
between the .NET Framework and the graphics rendering system and is used to ren der all graphics that represent the visual element. Because a Graphics object must be associated with a visual element, you cannot create a Graphics object directly. Instead, you must obtain a reference to a Graphics object from the visual element that owns it. Classes that inherit from Control (including Form and any custom controls you might create) expose a CreateGraphics method that returns a reference to the Graphics object associated with the control. The following code demonstrates how to access the Graphics object of a control named myControl:
and can view the connection string by expanding the Connection string node.
The user s Properties dialog box
To send a file to a contact, in the I want to area at the bottom of the MSN Messenger window, click the Send a File or Photo link. The Send a File or Photo dialog box appears.
If you're using the [GuiRunOnce] section to deploy settings or run programs after installing Windows XP, you'll want to automatically log on to the operating system immediately after installation is finished. On top of that, you'll likely want to log on as local Administrator to install applications that require elevated privileges or change settings in HKLM that restricted users can't change. For that, use the AutoLogon setting in the [GuiUnattended] section of your answer file. Set AutoLogon=Yes. T h i s s e t s t h e v a l u e A u t o A d m i n L o g o n i n t h e k e y HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WinLogon, which you learn about in 15, "Working Around IT Problems." You must also set AutoLogonCount in the [GuiUnattended] section. This setting specifies the number of times you want to automatically log on to Windows XP as local Administrator. This sets t h e v a l u e A u t o L o g o n C o u n t i n t h e k e y HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WinLogon. Normally, you'd log on to Windows XP only one time by setting AutoLogonCount=1. However, you can log on to the operating system as many times as necessary, such as when a setup programs restarts the computer in the middle of the installation process. The following lines show you the settings necessary to use this feature:
Formula Type Dates and times
Character \cx
To determine the address relationship between two computers on different networks, ISA Server processes network rules according to the order that the rules are listed in the ISA Server Management Console interface, looking for a rule that matches the computer addresses. The first rule that matches the computer addresses defines the network relationship. This means that you may have a routing relationship configured between two networks, but a NAT relationship configured between a specific computer on the network and the other network. In this case, the network rule defining the NAT relationship should be listed first to ensure that this specific rule is applied
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