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Lesson 2: Using Common Reference Types
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In the example shown in Figure 4-12, the Help Desk OU in an organization s IT department has a subordinate OU called Tier2, which contains the computer and user objects for the help desk technicians who receive escalated calls.
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Lesson 5 generate qr code
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Hash operations
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Modifies specified attributes of an object.
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Table 1-1
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Correct Answers: C & D A. Incorrect: Configuration files in a user s directory override those in the All Users directory. The configuration file in Rooslan s directory sets the computer running ISA Server to Contoso-ISA-03 rather than to Contoso-ISA-04. B. Incorrect: Configuration files in a user s directory override those in the All Users directory. The configuration file in Orin s directory sets the ISA Server computer to Contoso-ISA-02 rather than to Contoso-ISA-01. C. Correct: Any new user will not have a configuration setting located in his or her user directory; therefore, the user will use the configuration settings located in the All Users directory. The configuration file in this directory specifies that the ISA Server computer named Contoso-ISA-01 should be used.
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Misty Shock, IT Manager Hi. We re in the process of creating an ASP.NET application for our intranet. It s located in the /Woodgrove/ virtual folder of our Web server s default Web site. The application should be accessible only to users
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int m_cRefCount;
c. Active Directory Users and Computers
Custom Format String Characters
VPN Clients network This network contains the IP addresses of all the VPN clients that have connected using VPN client access. Quarantined VPN Clients network This network contains the IP addresses of all the VPN clients that have connected using VPN client access but have not yet cleared quarantine. Remote-site networks These networks contain the IP addresses of all the computers in remote sites when a site-to-site VPN connection is configured. Additional remote-site networks are created for each remote-site connection.
Lesson 2, Creating and Editing Control Flow Objects, showed how to use control flow tasks and containers. One of the most valuable control flow tasks is the Data Flow Task. A package can have zero, one, or more data flows. To work with the Data Flow Task, you can either drag a Data Flow Task from the Control Flow toolbox onto the workspace and then double-click it, or you can click the Data Flow tab within the SSIS Designer. After clicking the Data Flow tab, you see the Data Flow Designer, where you can use the data flow to handle and transform datasets. The Data Flow Task has three types of objects in the toolbox:
You have several choices for how to present reports to end users. You can deploy reports to the local report server so that users can use Report Manager to view the reports. If your company has an existing portal and you want to make the published reports available on the portal, you can embed URLs in reports so that they are published on the portal. If you use Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, you and other SharePoint users can use SharePoint Web parts to explore the report server and view the reports. You can also use the .NET Framework report viewer controls to display the reports in a custom Windows or Web application. You will learn more about displaying reports in applications in Lesson 4 of this chapter. Before you allow end users access to the reports, you should first stage the reports that is, temporarily deploy reports in separate locations for testing. Create separate staging folders for the reports and have developers deploy the reports into the staging folders. You can even use a testing report server. After the reports are tested and, if necessary, corrected, an administrator can move them to the final production folders. After your reports are published, you should restrict access to the data sources. You should require user authentication for external sources and use the principle of least privilege for user accounts that access database servers. The principle of least privilege means that you give users the minimal possible permission set that still enables them to do what they need to do. Consider using query time-outs to prevent long-running queries on production servers. Although reports are usually short because they show only aggregated data, sometimes they can retrieve a huge amount of data to generate the summary information. Consider configuring the execution of long-running reports on a schedule rather than executing them on demand so that you can set them to run only in off-peak hours. Consider saving a snapshot of a report. End users can then render reports from the snapshot rather than rendering them from online data from a production server. Consider creating subscriptions. You can control report parameters, delivery channels, and rendering methods for each end user separately by using data-driven subscriptions.
Configuring Public Folders
Lab: Create a MailMessage Object
Use the following questions to help determine whether you have learned enough to move on to the next lesson. If you have difficulty answering these questions, review the material in this lesson before beginning the next lesson. You can find answers to these questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. What features are available in ISA Server 2004 when installed on a machine with a single network adapter (Choose all that apply.) a. Proxy & Caching b. IP Packet Filtering c. Server Publishing d. RADIUS e. VPN Gateway services f. None of the above; two network adapters are always required for ISA Server 2004 2. Your company has purchased ISA Server 2004 and has deployed it as an integrated firewall, proxy, and caching solution. You complete a default install of ISA Server 2004. What must you do next to block incoming connections from the Internet a. Configure the firewall rules b. Configure a VPN quarantine policy c. Nothing d. Configure application-layer filtering 3. Your company wants to publish a Web site that hosts an e-commerce application. The application must have access to a SQL server on your internal network; security of the SQL database is the most important consideration. What ISA Server 2004 deployment scenario would you recommend for this environment
Suggested Practices
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