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Managing XML Data
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Network ID (16 bits) 172 16 0 0 Host ID (16 bits)
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After this command is issued, two new global groups named Marketing and Finance would be added to the Users container of the domain. To add two members to a group using Ldifde, the LDIF file would be:
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16. Cut and paste this document to the My Documents folder. 17. Close any remaining open windows.
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Fixed-Level Role Read and Write Actions
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Figure 5-19
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You can use a simple message like the one you created in step 1 as part of a larger procedure with many steps. At the end of the other steps, you can check for success and then send a simple message such as this one to notify the manager or another user that the procedure completed successfully.
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Return "Demo"
Table 6-5
Using tracert
// Instantiate the event sink with the Manipulation processor and pointer to the rectangle // object. // This is the binding point between the Manipulation processor and our rect object... g_pManipulationEventSink = new CManipulationEventSink(g_spIManipProc, g_spIinertisProc, &g_cRect,hWnd); if(NULL == g_pManipulationEventSink)
You can retrieve endpoint information by querying the sys.database_mirroring_endpoints Dynamic Management view.
Correct Answers: A, B, and E A. Correct: L2TP tunneling supports IPSec authentication. Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) tunneling does not support this type of authentication. B. Correct: L2TP supports header compression, which reduces the number of bytes consumed by the header to four. PPTP does not perform header compression, and as a result, IP headers consume six bytes. C. Incorrect: Only PPTP automatically provides PPP encryption. L2TP can provide IPSec encryption. D. Incorrect: PPTP was the only method of tunneling included with Windows NT 4.0. Windows 2000 and later versions of Windows include both PPTP and L2TP capabilities. E. Correct: PPTP connections require only user-level authentication. L2TP/IPSec connections can require the same user-level authentication and, in addition, computer-level authentication through a computer certificate.
Correct Answers: B A. Incorrect: If no role is assigned, the members of the help desk team will be unable to acknowledge alerts. B. Correct: The ISA Server Basic Monitoring role will allow members of the Helpdesk local user group to acknowledge alerts but will not allow them to view ISA Server 2004 log information. C. Incorrect: Although the ISA Server Extended Monitoring role will enable members of the Helpdesk local user group to acknowledge alerts, it will also allow them to view ISA Server 2004 log information. D. Incorrect: Assigning the ISA Server Full Administrator role to the Helpdesk local user group will mean that the members of that group will be able to view logs as well as perform more important administrative functions such as changing firewall policy.
Figure B 4: TechSmith SnagIt stores its settings in HKCU\Software\TechSmith\SnagIt\5. By far, the most interesting subkey is Microsoft because it contains most of the Windows XP per user settings. This subkey is discussed in detail in "Software\Microsoft\Windows \CurrentVersion," later in this appendix. Other interesting subkeys are Classes and Policies, which I describe in the following sections.
A. Correct: The RID Master is needed for the assignment of identifiers for new
Table 8-1
understanding Linked Reports Within SSRS
Access to resources requires proper identification and proper permissions. There is no additional configuration to be done to access files across a network than to make sure that the resource is accessible (shared) and that the user has appropriate permissions to accomplish the desired action (read, write, delete, and so on). This transactional process of analyzing the user s access token involves reading the entries on the access control list (ACL) of the resource, and comparing the list with the security identifiers (SIDs) on the token. If the security services governing the resource access process determine that the combination of SIDs and their permissions is sufficient to perform the requested task, permission and access is granted; if not, access to the resource is denied. Such permission-based access is accomplished by the operating system based upon the file system that is installed on the storage device where the resource resides. On a FAT32 file system, for example, even if the operating system version is Windows Server 2003, permissions cannot be set at the file system level: NTFS permissions are required for this type of permission assignment. Share permissions, however, can be set regardless of the file system on which the resources are stored. The operating system alone controls the share permissions, which are valid for any entity attempting to access the resource from across the network. Terminal Services provides a different type of access to resources, in that it presents a local environment to the user over the network. The creation and use of this virtual local environment requires additional permissions and configuration, but the resource access to files and folders is still governed by network (share) and file system (NTFS) permissions. The understanding of these additional configuration needs and possibili ties is key to the proper use of Terminal Services.
IPv4 is responsible for ensuring that a packet sent across an IPv4 network reaches its destination. DHCP automatically Configures computers on a network with their IPv4 configurations. DNS resolves a host name or FQDN to an IP address. An IPv4 address identifies a computer (or other network device) on a subnet. A subnet mask defines the range of IP addresses on a subnet. A wired small network that contains more than one computer typically implements Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) configuration through ICS. Computers and other devices on a wireless or hybrid small network obtain their configurations from the WAP. You use the Network And Sharing Center to view computers and devices on a network, connect to a network, set up a connection or network, and manage network connections. You can also use the Netsh interface ipv4 command to manage IPv4 networks. You can access the Windows Network Diagnostics tool from the Network And Sharing Center to troubleshoot a faulty network connection. If you fail to connect to a Web site, you can access the same tool by clicking Diagnose Connection Problems. You can use the Ping, Tracert, and Pathping commands to troubleshoot network connectivity. The Netstat command returns network protocol statistics.
7. Back in the form designer, click the phoneNumberTextBox and then open the Property Sheet. Click the Events button to display a list of the events for the control. Double-click the Validating event to create the phoneNumberTextBox_Validating event handler. 8. Add code to the event handler to ensure that the Text property on phoneNumberTextBox contains only numbers and dashes. If it doesn t, the change of focus will be canc e l e d . A d d t h e fo l l ow i n g c o d e t o t h e Va l i d a t i n g e ve n t h a n d l e r fo r t h e phoneNumberTextBox:
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