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For more information on optical drives, see Understanding Storage Devices in 2, Getting to Know Your Mobile PC Hardware.
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Terminal Services client software Software used for client computers that access applications remotely on a network. timeout An error caused by an e-mail or news post that takes longer than the allotted time to download. Timeout errors can be eliminated by increasing how much time Outlook is allotted to download messages from a mail server. Uniform Resource Locator (URL) The URL of a website is its friendly name, for instance, URL See Uniform Resource Locator (URL).
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Run This Program As An Administrator
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Lesson 2: Reading and Writing Files
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TRUNCATE TABLE Succeeds, but deleted rows are not tracked and the minimum valid version is updated, which requires applications to reinitialize before they can resume synchronization. DROP INDEX or ALTER INDEX DISABLE
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Figure 6-19 Overview of a linked server configuration.
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For more information, see:
c# data matrix library
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You are responsible for managing a Windows Server 2003 file server for an accounting firm. One of the accountants informs you that she has deleted several important spreadsheets accidentally from the file server. A differential backup is performed every morning except for Monday, when a full backup is performed at 2:00 A.M. Each day s backup is written to a separate tape, which is labeled with the day the backup is taken. Today is Friday. The accountant believes that she accidentally deleted the spreadsheets yesterday evening. There are five missing spreadsheets. Only two have been worked on in the last week. The first was last modified Monday afternoon and the second has not been edited except for a minor change on Wednesday. Which of the following statements about the backup tapes is correct (Select all that apply.)
Once you have entered the value, simply select the Dec option to view the value in the target notation.
Review the chapter summary. Review the list of key terms introduced in this chapter. Complete the case scenario. This scenario sets up a real-world situation involv ing the topics of this chapter and asks you to create solutions. Complete the suggested practices. Take a practice test.
Certification Mode
Together with Domain Name System (DNS), the Dynamic Host Configuration Pro tocol (DHCP) serves as a basic foundation of a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 network infrastructure. In all but the smallest networks, DHCP provides hosts with an Internet Protocol (IP) configuration needed to communicate with other computers on the network. This configuration includes at a minimum an IP address and subnet mask, but it typically also includes a primary domain suffix, a default gateway, preferred and alternate DNS servers, WINS servers, and several other options. Without being able to provide clients with a reliable and automatic means of adopting such a configuration, you would quickly be overburdened as an administrator with the task of managing these configurations manually. DHCP is an IP standard designed to reduce the complexity of administering these address configurations. By issuing leases from a central database, DHCP automat ically manages address assignment and configures other essential settings for your network clients. Lessons in this :
Configuring and Troubleshooting TCP/IP 13-17
On the Completing The Wizard page, name your design uObaggregationDesign. Leave the Create A New Aggregation Design option selected, and then click Finish. Deploy the solution to process the cube and build the aggregations.
Before you can encrypt and decrypt messages by using symmetric encryption, both the encryptor and decryptor must have the same key. You can t use just any piece of data as a key, however. Symmetric encryption algorithms must use keys of a specific length, as listed earlier in Table 8-1. Therefore, you cannot simply set the Key property to a user-provided password. You can, however, generate a valid key based on a user-provided password. Alternatively, you can use the randomly generated, highly secure key automatically created by the .NET Framework. If you rely on the .NET Framework to generate an encryption key for you, you must ensure that the key is transferred to the decryptor as securely as possible. In the sections that follow, you will first learn to visually display keys to make experimenting with encryption simpler. Then you will learn to generate a random key. Finally, you will learn the guidelines, process, and technique for generating a symmetric key based on a password.
In the Send a File dialog box, click the name of the contact with whom you want to share the file, and then click OK. In the Send a File dialog box, browse to the My Documents\Microsoft Press \Windows XP for Laptops and Tablets\Working\SendingFiles folder, click Cat, and then click Open. MSN Messenger sends a message to the contact asking him or her to accept the file. When he or she accepts, a progress bar appears that indicates the transfer progress of the file.
Lesson 3: Personalizing Office Features . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-23
Check physical network connections. Troubleshoot installed networking hardware. Troubleshoot modem hardware.
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