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An initial query of sys.dm_exec_query_stats can produce inaccurate results if a workload is currently executing on the server. More accurate results can be determined by rerunning the query after the workload completes.
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D. Server E. EventID F. MessageID G. InternalMessageID 2. Written company policy has recently been changed and now states that the contents of the Subject line should no longer be recorded in message tracking logs. What command do you use on an Exchange Server 2007 server named Edinburgh with the Edge Transport role installed to implement this change A. Set-TransportServer Edinburgh-MessageTrackingLogSubjectLoggingEnabled $False B. Set-TransportServer Edinburgh-MessageTrackingLogSubjectLoggingEnabled $True C. Set-MailboxServer Edinburgh-MessageTrackingLogSubjectLoggingEnabled $False D. Set-MailboxServer Edinburgh-MessageTrackingLogSubjectLoggingEnabled $True 3. You want to guarantee that tracking log files will never be removed by circular logging on an Exchange Server 2007 server named Chicago that has both the Hub Transport server and the Mailbox server roles installed. What commands do you enter in Exchange Management Shell (Choose all that apply.) A. Set-MailboxServer Chicago -MessageTrackingLogMaxAge 00:00:00 B. Set-MailboxServer Chicago -MessageTrackingLogMaxAge $False C. Set-MailboxServer Chicago -MessageTrackingLogMaxAge 24855.03:14:07 D. Set-TransportServer Chicago -MessageTrackingLogMaxAge 00:00:00 E. Set-TransportServer Chicago -MessageTrackingLogMaxAge $False F. Set-TransportServer Chicago -MessageTrackingLogMaxAge 24855.03:14:07
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3. Which step does the resolver first perform to resolve a DNS name a. It checks its local cache. b. It reads from the Hosts file. c. It broadcasts the local subnet. d. It queries the local DNS server.
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Lesson 4: Protecting Methods with Code Access Security
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The correct answer is B. A, C, and D are not correct because it is the StickyKeys feature that allows you to press a multiple key combination one key at a time.
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Page 4-23
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Configuring ISA Server Authentication
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Lesson 1
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A computer that meets the hardware and software requirements for Microsoft SQL Server 2005. SQL Server 2005 Developer, Workgroup, Standard, or Enterprise Edition installed. SQL Server Agent running and configured with a Microsoft Windows service account.
The Layout toolbar allows you to adjust the vertical and horizontal spacing of a group of controls. The toolbar buttons associated with these tasks are shown in Figure 2-4.
1. How will you configure your environment to meet the company requirements
SQL Server is not a digital rights management (DRM) system. The text of the module is not encrypted; rather, it is obfuscated. Any user with access to database metadata can reverse-engineer the obfuscated text easily. The ENCRYPTION option is not meant to prevent a user from reading the code within your modules.
Protecting Data by Using Cryptography
You can also use VLSMs within a single hierarchy level to divide a network into subnets of different sizes. This can allow you to use your network address space more efficiently. For example, if your network needs one subnet to accommodate 100 computers, a sec ond subnet to accommodate 50 computers, and a third subnet to accommodate 20 computers, this arrangement cannot be designed with traditional default mask options for a single Class C network ID. As Table 2-5 shows, any single default mask fails to accommodate either enough subnets or enough hosts per subnet to meet all of your network needs.
Understanding AD CS
Exercise 3: Import User Objects Using CSVDE
SELECT $partition.partfunc(id) AS [PartitionNum], count(*) [NumRows] FROM dbo.t1 GROUP BY $partition.partfunc(id) ORDER BY $partition.partfunc(id)
This chapter elaborates on the process of using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to create a client application capable of consuming services provided by a remote object. You learn about proxies, activating remote objects, and accessing remote methods. You also learn about channels. Finally, you learn how to manage the remoting process through a configuration file.
Estimated lesson time: 30 minutes
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