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Static kills components.
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Item Data Default Value Example
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6. In this step, you will execute two batches at the same time to try to test for concurrency problems. In both the Connection 1 and Connection 2 query windows, type the following SQL statements without executing them yet. The statements will first retrieve the current account balance and then attempt to empty the account.
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Before You Begin
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12, "Deploying with Answer Files," describes how to build an answer file. If you're an IT professional deploying Windows XP, you're probably already familiar with answer files. The [Components] section of answer files enables you to prevent the operating system from installing certain components. Listing 15 2 on the next page shows what this section looks like, and the listing contains all the components that Windows XP answer files support (I omitted server specific components). The names of each component are self explanatory. To install a component, set it to On. To prevent its installation, set it to Off. In the listing, I've set each component to its default installation value. Listing 15 2: Unattend.txt
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Active Directory Rights Management Services
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Click OK in the Execute SQL Task Editor dialog box, and then save the package. In the next lesson, you will complete the data flow portion of this package and then test the execution.
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This section lists supplemental readings by objective. We recommend that you study these sources thoroughly before taking this exam. Objective 5.1 ISA Server Publishing guidance/2004/publishing.asp Digital Certificates for ISA Server 2004 technol/isa/2004/plan/digitalcertificates.mspx ISA Server Help: Cache Configuration ISA Server Help: Cache Overview Objective 5.2 HTTP Filtering in ISA Server 2004 prodtechnol/isa/2004/plan/httpfiltering.mspx Objective 5.3 How ISA Server 2004 caches responses to Web publishing client requests in reverse proxy mode kbid=837737 White paper: Unique Protection for Microsoft Exchange Server, Internet Information Server, and Windows-Based Virtual Private Networking isaserver/evaluation/whitepapers/default.asp White paper: Protecting Microsoft Internet Information Services Web Servers with ISA Server 2004 default.asp Objective 5.4 Outlook Web Access Server Publishing in ISA Server 2004 http:// Using the ISA Server 2004 SMTP Filter and Message Screener com/technet/prodtechnol/isa/2004/plan/smtpfilter.mspx
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Regardless of what type of VPN gateway you use in the remote site, you need to configure the components listed in Table 10-4.
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Questions and Answers
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12 Review
Case Scenario 1: Upgrading an Old Application . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 438
tifies a specific version of an assembly. Any modifications to
Table 8-6
DBAs should review the value in the avg_fragmentation_in_percent column to determine whether the index contains external fragmentation. External fragmentation is indicated when this value exceeds 10.
1. Correct Answers: A and D A. Correct: This application would be a good use of an MDI container in that the application is centered on a single document type: a contract. B. Incorrect: This type of application is best implemented as an SDI, given that there are multiple data types (users and roles) and the application is database-driven. C. Incorrect: This application should be an SDI. It has multiple modules, each with its own data elements. D. Correct: This application should be implemented as an MDI because of its focus on a single document type. Users will expect to be able to work with multiple open documents at any given time. 2. Correct Answers: A, C, and D A. Correct: Setting the Padding property of the form to 20 will create a space of 20 pixels between the GroupBox and the edge of Form1. B. Incorrect: The Padding property of the GroupBox will affect only the interior controls added to the GroupBox control. These settings will create a space of only 10 pixels between the edge of Form1 and the GroupBox. C. Correct: The Margin property of the GroupBox will define 10 pixels. The Padding property of Form1 will set another 10 pixels. These will be added together to create a space of 20 pixels between the edge of Form1 and the GroupBox control. D. Correct: If the Margin property of the GroupBox is set to 20, it will create a space of 20 pixels between the edge of Form1 (with Padding set at 0) and the GroupBox.
allowsessionminingmodels This Boolean property controls whether you can create session mining models. Session mining models are models that are automatically removed from the server when the connection closes or the session times out; they do not persist in an SSAS database after the session ends. Session models let applications use the SSAS data mining features. You can create an ad hoc model in your application to make a quick prediction, for example. Some 2007 Microsoft Office system applications can use session models. You can download Microsoft Office Data Mining Add-Ins for Excel 2007 and Visio 2007. Then, for example, you can use SSAS data mining features to find outliers in an Excel worksheet.
Exercise 1: Configuring NAT Through a Demand-Dial Interface
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