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For scenarios in which the data sources have high concurrency and large datasets, these actions could generate the following issues:
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You are a developer for Baldwin Museum of Science. Your end users run your application from a variety of different locations. Because the .NET Framework runtime assigns different permission sets based on the assembly s location, your assembly is often running in a partially trusted environment. This has caused problems for your end users. Your manager asks you to interview key company personnel and to then come to her office to answer some questions. Your manager needs you to create an application that creates an application domain and launches an assembly in the new application domain using Internet zone permissions to enable more realistic testing procedures. Interviews
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Option Backup Media Type
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Page 10-14
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Figure 6-8 The Evaluate An Assembly Wizard can list all the CAS permissions that the runtime will potentially grant to your assembly.
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The NAT server must be placed on the internal network with two network adapter cards. One adapter card must be configured with the external public IP address, which connects to the Internet, and the other with the internal private IP address, which is connected to the private internal network. Users on the private network need to have the default gateway configured as the private IP address of the NAT server. Because the scenario requires automatic allocation of IP address information, you should configure the NAT server as a DHCP allocator. The DHCP allocator will issue IP addresses, as well as the subnet masks and default gateway information, to all internal users.
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Test your backups created in Backing Up a Database Practice 1 by restoring them. Test your backups created in Backing Up a Database Practice 2 by restoring them. Test your backups created in Backing Up a Database Practice 3 by restoring them. Test your backups created in Backing Up a Database Practice 4 by restoring from a mirror. Restore a single filegroup (not the primary filegroup) into a database and then observe that any objects in filegroups not being restored can be accessed. Restore a page into a database to simulate a corrupted page that needs to be restored. Shut down SQL Server, delete the master.mdf, and then restore the master database and verify that all databases are intact and accessible. (You are backing up your master database, right ) Create a Database Snapshot against a database. Make some changes. Restore the database by using the Database Snapshot and verify that your changes no longer exist in the database.
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E-mail: Postal mail: Microsoft Press Attn: MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-291): Series Editor One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052-6399
Data Transfer Object
Adding Items to the Notification Area
Lesson Review
("SELECT * FROM Orders", SourceConnection);
Using a Firewall
When you consider these basic questions what hardware does the new software require and do our workstations meet those requirements you are likely to find the first question is easy because the Windows 7 system requirements are readily available on the Microsoft Web site. But the second can pose a problem. In the IT manager s idea of a perfect world, all of the organization s workstations are identical: the same model computer with the same hardware inside, a single operating system, and application configuration throughout the enterprise. Of course, most of these managers know that this is a dream that very seldom comes true. Companies rarely buy all of their workstations at once. They typically buy computers in lots from large vendors or manufacturers. Even if they buy from the same vendor every time, models and supply situations change so quickly that the computers they purchase today are likely to have substantially different components than those they bought only a few months ago. IT managers also must consider the practices of maintenance and support. When a workstation hard disk fails, an IT person might replace it with a different model the team happens to have on hand. When a department adopts a new application, workstations might need installations of extra memory to support it. The designers in the Marketing department might require high-end graphics adapters in their workstations. The result is a fleet of workstations with widely varying hardware and software configurations. A dedicated and disciplined IT staff might keep careful records of these modifications, but in a busy department, the documentation often is deferred, delayed, or forgotten altogether.
present. If there are no dynamic disks already on the destination computer, that computer ends up with the same disk group name as the source computer when the disks are moved to it and you cannot then move the disks back to the source computer. Microsoft recommends that before you convert basic disks to dynamic disks, you should determine whether you require the features provided by dynamic disks, for example spanned volumes, striped volumes, mirrored volumes, or RAID-5 volumes. If you do not intend to use these features, it may be best to use basic disks. You can change a basic disk into a dynamic disk using either Disk Management or the Diskpart command-line utility. CAUTION: CONVERTING DISKS Before you convert disks, close any programs that are running on those disks.
Configuring Windows XP Professional
9. Click Next. 10. Specify MyMessageBackup as the backup file name. 11. Browse to the folder you have created to hold the backup files. In Figure 12-17, this is F:\Mailbox_backup.
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