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Although you can assign print permissions to printers in Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition does not support print permissions. In Windows XP Pro fessional, there is only one set of permissions that applies to printers, and these permissions are in effect when a printer is accessed both locally and remotely. This is unlike file system permissions, where there are potentially two types of permissions at work: share permissions and NTFS permissions. You can access print permissions on the Security tab of a printer s Properties dialog box, as shown in Figure 9-17.
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236 Introduction to Windows 7 for Developers
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' VB <ThreadPoolSynchronization(3, GetType(UpdateService))> _ <ServiceBehavior(typeof(IUpdateService))> _ Public Class UpdateService Implements IUpdateService
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Lesson 1: Encrypting and Decrypting Data with Symmetric Keys
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System privileges on the local computer. This makes it possible for startup/shutdown scripts to access the entire local file system and the registry. The Logon/logoff scripts run under the account with which the user logs on and are relatively limited in the types of tasks they can perform.
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Ntbackup backup systemstate /J backup job name ...
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Lesson 7: Resolving Database Errors
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Windows Internet Networking System (WINS) is a distributed database that stores network Basic Input/Output System (NetBIOS) names and services. The NetBIOS names are mapped to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and, like DNS, WINS makes it possible for you to access resources on your network using easy, friendly names instead of hard-to-remember IP addresses. This lesson includes an overview of the WINS components and discusses some of the terminology you will need to understand before you can design and implement a WINS strategy for your company.
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3. What is the recommended strategy for placing users into security groups
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To complete the lessons in this chapter, you should be familiar with Microsoft Visual Basic or C# and be comfortable with the following tasks:
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1. What is the first step associated with troubleshooting USB problems
In the following case scenarios, you will apply what you ve learned about how to use controls to design user interfaces. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book.
At the most basic level, you can make a method accessible through a Web service application by attaching the WebMethod attribute to a public method. The public method is stored in the class file of your Web service file (the one with the .asmx extension). When you create a Web service project using the Web service project tem plate, one public method named HelloWorld is created for you by default. You can see the code for the HelloWorld method by right-clicking the Service.asmx file in Solution Explorer and clicking View Code.
Name TargetSite WrappedException
Lesson 1
// Creates a reader that reads a stream called XmlStream
View the names of the actual driver files by clicking Driver Details.
Lesson 5
it first calculates how much space you will be able to free up on the computer s disk drive. 2. If the computer has multiple partitions, in the Select Drive dialog box, select the drive to clean up from the drop-down list. If this is the first time the drive is being cleaned and more than one drive or partition exists, choose the system partition first. Click OK. 3. In the Disk Cleanup dialog box, review the files to be deleted. Click to choose a file type to delete, and select the Recycle Bin check box to empty it also. Figure 2-6 shows an example. Click OK when finished. 4. Click Yes to verify that you want to perform these actions.
Selective Authentication
Creating taskpad views and tasks
Using Your Mobile PC at Your Desk
Internal objects are created by the SQL Server database engine as it processes SQL Server statements. Objects are created and dropped within the scope of the statement. Internal objects include the following items:
Message types This is the object that defines the name and contents of a message. Every database contains a message type named DEFAULT that uses a validation of NONE. Be careful not to confuse the DEFAULT message type with the system DEFAULT contract. In addition, you should be aware that DEFAULT is a delimited object name, not a keyword, when used to define a contract or a message type.
The following example uses a FLWOR expression to return all orders of a quantity of two or more from the XML document, sorted with the greatest quantity being returned first and the actual XML elements being translated to Swedish:
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