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Troubleshooting Lab
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1. An application you wrote uses OPENXML to parse XML data into a relational table. As soon as the XML data got bigger, you started to see that SQL Server was running out of memory, and your OPENXML query started to return memory errors. What can you do to improve performance (Choose all that apply.) A. When possible, process all XML documents at once instead of splitting the documents into multiple smaller files. B. Check that you are calling sp_xml_removedocument as soon as possible after executing OPENXML. C. Reduce the size of the XML files by making the XML tag names smaller. D. When possible, split the XML data into multiple smaller files and process each of them independently. 2. Under which circumstances should you use the nodes() method instead of OPENXML (Choose all that apply.) A. The XML data is already stored in an XML data type column. B. You need to extract XML data out of multiple columns, not just a single source. C. You need to use an XPATH expression not supported by OPENXML but supported by the XML data type implementation. D. You are migrating stored procedure code from a previous version of SQL Server.
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12. Type Madrid and rerun the query (click the Execute SQL button). 13. Verify that the results show only customers from the City value passed in to the parameter.
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Server Role Application servers Backup servers Database servers Domain controllers
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' VB Function BeginRead(ByVal ByVal ByVal ByVal ByVal array() As Byte, _ offset As Integer, _ numBytes As Integer, _ userCallback As AsyncCallback, _ stateObject As Object) As IAsyncResult
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Results of restricted groups policies using the Member Of setting
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Figure 7-17
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Using Barcode reader for character VS .NET Control to read, scan read, scan image in VS .NET applications.
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Figure 13-19
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1. The Reorganize Index task can be used to defragment clustered indexes. 2. The Shrink Database task can be used to free up space.
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Analyzing an Existing Infrastructure
Duration of synchronization
Running XMLA Scripts for Deployment
ISA Server Branch Office Network
You can replace individual nodes by using the XmlNode.ReplaceChild method. This method allows you to specify a child node of your XmlNode and to specify an XmlNode to replace it with. The following example shows how to use the ReplaceChild method.
Named Parameter ProtectionLevel
Status window on the right side of the display. The controls for the Helper Console are found across the top of the screen and include the following:
In this chapter you will learn to: Familiarize yourself with Windows Media Player. Play a music CD on a mobile PC. Transfer music to a mobile PC. Listen to Internet radio on a mobile PC. Watch a DVD on a mobile PC. Copy music to a portable device. Transfer digital photographs to a mobile PC. Connect a mobile PC to a home entertainment system
Because we have a lot of shortcomings with real-time sys tems, we end up having to do a lot of extra things, which typically involve giving stuff away or selling it at a discount, not to mention having to keep a lot of extra data entry personnel on staff. This is a problem but we can live with it. However, we can t live with customers leaving our company because other companies have real-time tracking and transmission information available to them. And a reason this is happening is because other companies have updated their pro curement and delivery systems with their trading partners so a lot can be done without manual intervention. Without a doubt, this is the most pressing issue we face and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. We re still stuck in the 90s in many respects; heck, we re in the 80s in a few respects. This situation needs to be fixed. We tried a huge Java initiative a while back, but it was nothing but problems. Most developers in the area didn t know it so we had to hire a bunch of really expensive consultants. A few issues were fixed but it ran slow and nothing was accomplished in exposing our sys tems externally. To be honest, external exposure was the only reason I was will ing to sink the resources into trying it in the first place and I lost my shirt on this. I ve got one last chance to fix this but I ll be gambling everything on it. Yes, I m skeptical, very skeptical in some respects, that fixing it is even possible. Well, I know it can be, but not without causing downtime and so many problems that it isn t viable.
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