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Performance Tab Fields
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Serviced Component Management
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Table 5-12 Table 5-12 Connection String Keywords for Turning on Integrated Security
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Console.WriteLine("Method completed: {0}", args.UserState); } }
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After this lesson, you will be able to:
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1. RAID 0 provides good performance but no fault tolerance. 2. You can install only one instance of SQL Server 2005 on a virtual server in a failover cluster. 3. You would use SQL Server Setup in such a scenario.
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The information in the MAIL FROM SMTP command The MAIL FROM command specifies the source SMTP address for the e-mail message. This is used for sender and domain name filtering. The information in the Content-Disposition header field for each attachment This field commonly contains the attachment file name and extension. SMTP Message Screener can filter attachments by extension, by name, or by size. Keywords in the message subject or body This is used for filtering the message subject and the body, either text/plain or text/html content type.
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Building an Address
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frequency at which users will execute these queries per five-minute period. (Five min utes or 300 seconds represents the minimum duration that data should stay in cache.) Estimating cache space requirements in RAM generally involves multiplying the space requirements of each query frequency times the number of executions of each query. For more specific information on how to estimate cache space requirements, see the section titled Estimating Memory Requirements later in this chapter.
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A network projector uses RDP for display and can support wired or wireless network connections between the computer and the projector, although wireless is more common. It is important to distinguish between a connection through a wired network between a computer and a network projector, both of which are network components, and a direct connection through a port between a computer and a (non-network) data projector. In the latter case, Windows Vista treats the data projector as an additional monitor rather than as a network projector.
Configuring a content download schedule
Disk Defragmenter Rearranges the data on your hard drive so that files are written to disk contiguously. During the defragmentation, it also places more fre quently used files toward the front of the disk so that they load faster. Chkdsk Scans the files and directory structure of your disk to make sure that they are free of errors.
Configure a separator page by using the Advanced tab of a printer s Properties
Eseutil runs from the Command Processor on one database at a time. You can use the tool to perform a range of database tasks, including repair, offline defragmentation, and integrity checks. You can use the defragmentation mode to defragment a database offline. Other Eseutil modes, such as repair, recovery, and restore, can be used to repair a corrupt or damaged database. Modes such as integrity, file dump, and checksum can be used to verify the state of a database. Table 12-2 lists the more common Eseutil switches.
A. Incorrect: AutoFormat As You Type does not automatically correct misspelled
Page 10-36
Caching is not enabled by default on ISA Server 2004. To enable caching, you must configure a cache drive. You can then configure additional cache settings for Web content. The default caching rule is in effect as soon as caching is enabled. If you need different caching configurations for specific Web sites, you can configure cache rules to define the types of Web content that will be cached and how it is stored and returned to users. Cache rules can be modified, disabled, or deleted as requirements and conditions change. When troubleshooting ISA Server caching, determine the extent of the problem and then check the caching and cache rule configurations.
In 6, Installing and Configuring Office Applications, you learned to install and configure Word 2003. After users begin using Word 2003 and perform configura tion tasks on their own, create documents with sounds and images, use macros, and access the advanced features in the application, they might encounter problems using them. In this lesson, you will learn how to resolve some of the more common troubleshooting tasks in Word 2003.
When creating a user, you are prompted to configure the most common user properties, including logon names and password. However, user objects support numerous additional properties that you can configure at any time using Active Directory Users And Computers. These properties facilitate the administration of, and the searching for, an object. To configure the properties of a user object, select the object, click the Action menu, and then choose Properties. The user s Properties dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 3-3. An alternative way to view an object s properties would be to right-click the object and select Properties from the shortcut menu.
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