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Connect Directly To Another Computer
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Microsoft Office Diagnostics and Microsoft Office Sessions
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SELECT * FROM TestXml.Messages;
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B. Incorrect: The System Monitor is not really an appropriate place to indicate error conditions. Although a counter could be set up and there are tools that watch the counters, the solution is fragile and overly complex. C. Incorrect: Like the flat file solution, placing log entries into a database does not normally get them noticed immediately. D. Correct: Sending an e-mail message is the most immediate way to get notification to a person. 2. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: Yes, it s technically possible to generate reports using a flat file as the data source. But the reality is that no one would dream of doing so in the real world. B. Incorrect: The System Monitor measures point-in-time and average-over-time values. It is not suitable for generating reports of the time identified in the question. C. Correct: Placing the sales order information into a database is by far the easiest way to allow it to be used to generate reports. Also, the database supports transactional updates, allowing the developer to be certain that the correlation between log entries and sales is completely accurate. D. Incorrect: Using e-mails to send sales order information does not place it into a location that can easily be used to generate reports. 3. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: Updating a flat file on the system where the error occurs will not help get that information to you. And because the flat file exists on the user s system, it is unlikely that you would be able to access it remotely. B. Incorrect: The System Monitor is not normally the appropriate store for tracking serious errors, unless all you re interested in is counting how many. Serious errors usually include exception details and other text-based information, so other data stores are better suited for the task. C. Incorrect: Although placing the log information into a database would certainly ensure that the logged data is available, additional functionality would be required to get the information out of the remote sites. D. Correct: Of all the data stores described in this chapter, e-mail is the one that is best suited to deliver log and notification messages outside the corporate network.
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Tip To find out what type of optical drive you have, look at the logo on the drive. For a complete list of available optical drives, refer to More About Optical Drives later in this chapter.
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Use the Assert method to relax permissions and improve performance. Use permission sets to demand, restrict, or assert multiple permissions simulta-
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Data Type image cursor sql_variant
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You need at least two WINS servers to provide fault tolerance for single-label names in your network. These two servers should be configured to use push/pull synchronization to make sure both name databases are synchronized at all times. You need to ensure that the values for WINS are specified in the DHCP settings you send to computers requiring dynamic IPv4 addresses. Two settings are required. The first lists the name servers and the second identifies which type of node each client will work with.
<r:go> <r:via>
Directory browsing
Lesson 3: Managing Reporting Services
At this point, please view the multimedia presentation The Role of Universal Groups in the Logon Process, which is included in the Multimedia folder on the CD accompanying this book. This presentation will help you understand better how Global Catalog servers are used in Active Directory.
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Lesson 2: Understanding the Domain Name System
Managing SSAS Storage, Processing, and Deployment
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