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You can also use the IP tab to define IP packet filters that apply to remote access con nection traffic. Packet filters are discussed in more detail in Lesson 5 of 9, Routing with Windows Server 2003. Multilink Tab You can set Multilink properties that both enable Multilink and determine the maximum number of ports (modems) that a Multilink connection can use. Additionally, you can set Bandwidth Allocation Protocol (BAP) policies that both
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tiled across a shape, like a wallpaper design For example, the following code draws a solid maroon, five-sided polygon, as shown in Figure 6-6:
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In the previous chapter we looked at defining the requirements of an application, recommending technologies, and creating a prototype to verify those requirements and recommendations. The next step in the software development life cycle is to determine both logical and physical models for the application. The logical models help everyone understand the objects and relationships in the system. The physical models allow developers to implement features using code and other tools. This chapter examines how you start with documented requirements and technology recommendations and build to a physical design for your application. This chapter also looks at how you review requirements and use cases and at how you define a logical model. We then discuss how you apply your technology recommendations and constraints to that logical model. The result will be a set of physical models that take into account both the logical understanding of the application and the physical abilities of the technology. This physical model will be implemented by developers.
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For more information on how to set up a licensing-only AD RMS cluster, see http:// go.microsoft.com/fwlink/ LinkId=72141.
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report server.
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your code. Unless performance is a higher priority than reliability, all code outside of value type declarations should be in a Try block.
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Managing Data Storage
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Meaning These words are found at the beginning of paragraphs preceding step-by-step exercises. They draw your attention to practice files that you ll need to use in the exercise. This word is found at the beginning of paragraphs following step-bystep exercises. They give instructions for closing open files or programs before moving on to another topic. These words are found at the beginning of paragraphs preceding or following step-by-step exercises. They point out items you should check or actions you should carry out either before beginning an exercise or after completing an exercise. This icon is used to identify content that applies specifically to Tablet PCs.
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Figure 3-10 A customized Start menu offers personalized access to programs.
Lesson 2: Automating the Creation and Management of Groups
The execution plan used by SQL Server to execute this query is shown in Figure 5-2. In the execution plan, you can see the Test.Customers table is not accessed; the only table being accessed is Test.Orders. This is because the query optimizer knows that the exists operator in this query is unnecessery to execute because the foreign key constraint requires all orders to refer to an existing customer, which is what is checked in the where clause.
By default, Network Monitor can parse over 90 protocols. To extend this function ality by adding a parser for use with Network Monitor, you must first add the .dll to the WINDOWS\System32\Netmon\Parsers folder, which is where all parsers for Network Monitor are stored. In addition, you must then add an entry for the new parser and protocol in the Parser.ini file.
Global Configuration HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\W32Time\Config\MinPollInterval Settings
Active Directory directory service on a domain controller.
9, Lesson 1 8, Lesson 2 9, Lesson 2 8, Lesson 3 9, Lesson 3
The Run method starts the message loop that is the heart of all Windows applications on the current thread. It then displays the Form that is passed in as a parameter. The Application object exposes a ThreadException event. This event gets raised when an exception is allowed to propagate to the top of a thread s call stack. In other words, it is the unhandled exception event. So to protect users from the unhandled exception dialog box, a handler for ThreadException needs to be added to the event. The following code accomplishes this.
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