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Windows Media Player does not allow you to back up your media usage rights. If media usage rights are lost, it is necessary to recover them through the service from which you purchased the digital media.
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Policies, procedures, and awareness Many network attacks succeed because an organization s employees deliberately or inadvertently create a breach. One of the first components in creating the security strategy is to develop organizational policies and procedures dealing with security and then to train users about them. Physical security Ensure that only authorized personnel can gain physical access to the resources. At a minimum, all critical network resources should be located in a secured facility. Perimeter Almost all companies provide some form of access to the Internet, so it is critical that the connecting point between the Internet and the internal network is as secure as possible. Options for providing this security include firewalls or multiple firewalls, secure virtual private network (VPN) access that uses quarantine procedures, and secure server publishing to provide required access to internal resources. ISA Server can have a primary role in providing perimeter security. Internal networks Even if the perimeter is secure, you must still ensure that the internal networks are secure for cases in which the perimeter is compromised or when the attacker is within the organization. Options include network segmentation to isolate networks that carry highly confidential network traffic, using Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) to encrypt network traffic, and a network intrusion-detection system (NIDS) at each network access point.
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Data Encryption Standard (DES) A commonly used, highly sophisticated algorithm developed by the U.S. National Bureau of Standards for encrypting and decoding data. This encryption algorithm uses a 56-bit key and maps a 64-bit input block to a 64-bit output block. The key appears to be a 64-bit key, but one bit in each of the 8 bytes is used for odd parity, resulting in 56 bits of usable key. See also encryption. data frames Logical, structured packages in which data can be placed. Data being transmitted is segmented into small units and combined with control information such as message start and message end indicators. Each package of information is transmitted as a single unit, called a frame. The data-link layer packages raw bits from the physical layer into data frames. The exact format of the frame used by the network depends on the topology. See also frame. data-link layer The second layer in the OSI reference model. This layer packages raw bits from the physical layer into data frames. See also Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model. data stream An undifferentiated, byte-by-byte flow of data.
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Other Devices for Your Mobile PC
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Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, and the Windows Server 2003 family also support dynamic storage. The storage units on dynamic disks are called volumes, and the first distinctions between basic and dynamic storage are that dynamic disks support an
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The Tablet pen can be used in the following situations: As you would a mouse, to select menus and commands, to click buttons, and so forth. To handwrite notes in ink-enabled programs, such as Microsoft OneNote 2003 or MSN Messenger. To convert handwritten content to text for copying into any program.
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private void PerformTransactionButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { }
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Exam objectives in this chapter:
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4. Type and execute the following SQL statements to modify the primary key constraint on the Test.SalesOrderDetail table to become a non-clustered index and then create an appropriate clustered index for the query:
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When you are building an application to query a change table, you may want to define the rows returned based on the time when the changes occurred rather than on the LSN. You can use the sys.fn_cdc_map_time_to_lsn to determine the LSN numbers that you use in the from_lsn and to_lsn arguments of the cdc.fn_cdc_get_all_changes_<capture_instance> or cdc.fn_cdc_get_net_changes_<capture_instance> function. You can use the following CDC functions when querying changed data:
SQL SeRveR SPatiaL Data
Collections and Generics
TestClient output
You should have used the CryptoStream class.
A proxy server is a server that is situated between a client application, such as a Web browser, and a server that the client is connecting to. By default, ISA Server is configured to operate as a proxy server for Web Proxy and Firewall client computers. ISA Server 2004 supports chaining multiple ISA Server computers together so that Internet requests are passed from one computer to another computer. ISA Server 2004 also supports the use of a dial-up connection to another network. Access rule elements are used to configure access rules. ISA Server 2004 supports the following access rule elements for enabling Internet access: protocol, user set, content type, schedule, and network objects. ISA Server provides several default access rule elements, but you can also create and configure new elements. ISA Server supports five authentication methods for restricting Internet access. They are: Basic authentication, Digest authentication, Integrated Windows authentication, digital certificates authentication, and RADIUS authentication. If you want to restrict access to the Internet based on users and groups, you must configure ISA Server authentication to meet your organization s needs and the types of ISA Server clients used by your organization. Access rules determine how clients on a source network can access resources on a destination network. In order to allow internal clients to access the Internet, you must configure an access rule that allows Internet access. To configure restrictions to Internet access, use access rule elements to create the required rules.
In this practice, you create, test, and remove a DDL trigger that prevents users from dropping or altering tables in the AdventureWorks database. 1. Log on to your domain at your member server by using either a domain administrator account or an account that has been added to the sysadmin server role. If you are using virtual machine software, log in to your domain and connect to your member server. 2. From the All Programs (or Programs) menu, choose Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and then choose SQL Server Management Studio. 3. In the Connect To Server dialog box, specify Database Engine as the server type. Specify the name of your member server as the server name. Specify Windows Authentication. On the Options tab, specify the AdventureWorks Database and the TCP/IP protocol. Click Connect. 4. Click New Query. 5. In Query Editor, type the following:
Lesson 3
Taking a printer offline causes documents that you send to this printer to be held on the computer while the print device is not available. This process eliminates error messages about unavailable printers in later exercises. Windows XP Professional displays such error messages when it attempts to send documents to a printer that is not connected to the computer. When a printer is offline, Windows XP Professional dims the icon and changes the status of the printer from Ready to Offline to reflect that the printer is not available.
Estimated lesson time: 20 minutes
Rather than use your ISA Server 2004 Internet-edge firewall to be the end point for VPN connections, you have decided to set up a server on the Internal network to serve as the VPN terminus. All the VPN connections from the Internet to this server will be initiated from computers running Windows XP Professional. Which of the following conditions must be met for VPNs using L2TP/IPSec with NAT-T to be successfully established (Choose all that apply.) A. The VPN server must be running Windows Server 2003. B. Two publishing rules must be configured on the ISA Server computer, one for IKE and the second to publish NAT-T. C. Two publishing rules must be configured on the ISA Server computer, one for IKE and the second to publish PPTP. D. Ensure that all VPN clients have the NAT-T update installed. E. One publishing rule must be configured to publish the L2TP server
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