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A. Create a filter on the System log. Look only for failure audits and set the Event
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Many wireles connection problems are related to security. The precise steps involved in setting up security depend on the type of WAP (third-party WAP device or Wi-Fi enabled Windows Vista computer) you have installed on your network. This section discusses the settings available in most WAPs and ways in which you can increase wireless network security. You can take the following steps to increase security in your own or your employer s wireless network:
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queue = new MessageQueue(path);
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When using query execution times as a performance metric, it is typically a good idea to execute each query a few times and use either the lowest execution time or the median as the metric. Also, note that metrics in a test environment might not accurately reflect performance in a production environment. This depends on a number of factors, including how users actually interact with real-life data.
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Figure 9-15 Manage print jobs in the printer queue window.
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Backreference Parameters
The /3GB switch
If prompted, click Yes to clear the UAC dialog box. Click Finish when setup completes.
Whereas the domain, configuration, and schema partitions of the directory are replicated to all DCs in a domain, and the configuration and schema are further replicated to all DCs in the forest, Active Directory also supports application directory partitions. An application directory partition is a portion of the data store that contains objects required by an application or service
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