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Lesson 2: Troubleshooting Group Policy Issues
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Figure 10-4 The Network Connections window shows local area network and dial-up connections.
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Replication can be configured at the public folder database level and at the public folder level. The default setting is for replication to occur automatically every 30 minutes and to replicate only messages under 300 KB. It is possible to configure a particular folder or set of folders to replicate only to a specific group of mailbox servers. By default, a public folder will replicate to all other mailbox servers in an organization that hosts a public folder database.
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2. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: A ComboBox is good for showing data in a drop-down list. It is not good for allowing users to select multiple items or redisplay content in different views. B. Incorrect: The ListBox does not provide the feature of displaying a list in multiple views. C. Correct: The ListView control allows a user to view data by icon or by a detailed list of items. D. Incorrect: The TreeView control shows data in a hierarchical structure. 3. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: The Splitter control is used to size two panes with respect to each other. This would not be a good choice for setting magnification. B. Correct: The TrackBar provides a slider for a user to move left and right to get the size right for the document. You should use this control and magnify the pane as the user moves the control to provide real-time visual information to users. C. Incorrect: The ComboBox would be a nice choice given that users are familiar with setting view percentages this way. However, this case calls for fine-grained control based on specific situations. Users are not concerned about the actual percentage. They are concerned about getting the size the way they want it for their purpose. For this reason, the TrackBar is a much better choice. D. Incorrect: A SplitContainer provides two panels and a splitter bar. This would not be a useful set of controls for the purpose of setting the magnification of a document. 4. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: The MaskedTextBox will allow users to enter data in the specified format. However, users will still most likely have to look at a calendar to enter this information. They do not know in their head when certain days fall in the week, for instance. B. Incorrect: This requires users to select two options where they could select only one. In addition, it requires validation that the dates are not within the appropriate range ( to date is less than from ). C. Correct: This will allow you to show a calendar on the form from which users can easily select their desired range of dates. You might also consider providing a label that displays their selection in a textual format. D. Incorrect: The NumericUpDown presents users with a difficult interface. They can t see a calendar, and they are expected to scroll through dates to pick their choices.
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Real-Time Protection Options dialog box
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Public ReadOnly Property Count() As Integer Get Return _count End Get End Property Public ReadOnly Property EvenCount() As Integer Get Return _evenCount End Get End Property Public Sub UpdateCount() Interlocked.Increment(_count) If Count % 2 = 0 Then ' An even number Interlocked.Increment(_evenCount) End If End Sub End Class
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System.EventArgs) _
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Operating System Windows Server 2003
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Techniques to Improve Query Performance
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Monitors attempts to authenticate to the local computer
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Data Conflicts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 393
If you re going to be traveling for a prolonged period, staying in hotels or traveling internationally, you might also want to consider: Power plug adapter. If you re traveling internationally, this is essential.
Real World
Although the binding that has just been defined works quietly behind the scenes, it is not the only way to bind configuration settings to control properties. Simple assignment can be used to retrieve and update the setting information. And if the settings are defined properly, the Properties.Settings class will be automatically extended so that newly created settings show up as properties on the Properties.Settings class. For example, if a setting called demoFormPosition has been created, you would access with the following code:
Microsoft doesn't document a way to prevent the setup program from installing Windows Messenger a common request. I've added the component msmsgs to Listing 15 2, however, which prevents the setup program from installing it. The file Sysoc.inf, which you learn about in the next section, hides this component in Windows Components Wizard. You can edit that file to show Windows Messenger in the wizard, but doing so relies on users to remove Windows Messenger. Instead, you can add the component to the [Components] section of your answer file to prevent the setup program from installing it. This is a great technique for preventing the operating system from installing things such as the games, but it doesn't prevent the installation of components such as Movie Maker, because the [Components] section doesn't include settings for those components. You can use it to prevent the installation of Windows Media Player and Windows Messenger, though, which strikes two 303
progressBar1.Step = 1;
Ensure That the Setup Routine s Default Settings Install Only Necessary Application Components
sions required by an application. However, if you develop and test your application using SecurityAction.RequestOptional CAS declarations, the runtime grants your assembly only those permissions you specify. If you add code that requires additional permissions, the runtime throws System.Security.Policy.PolicyException, indicating the required permission. You can then add another SecurityAction.RequestOptional CAS declaration, ensuring that you maintain an accurate list of required permissions.
More on configuring Autodiscover for Internet access
namespace QueueSender { class Program { private const string cQueueName = @".\private$\ShippingInbox"; static void Main(string[] args) {
Full database backups back up all the data in the database. Differential database backups back up all the data that has been changed since the last full backup. Transaction log backups back up the active portion of the transaction log that is, the portion that has been active since the last transaction log backup. The active portion of the transaction log the part that has not yet been backed up is known as the tail of the log. You should perform a tail-log backup before
You want to perform a clean install of a Windows XP Professional computer running Windows NT Workstation 3.51. The computer contains a Pentium III processor running at 700 MHz, 32 MB of RAM, a 4 GB hard disk, a 24x CD-ROM drive, a mouse, a keyboard, and an SVGA video subsystem. The hard disk is formatted as two 2 GB partitions, both formatted with the FAT file system with 650 MB of free space. All the hardware is in the Windows Catalog. Your desired results are to
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