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Client Credential Types for Message Security
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You will perform the vast majority of the configuration in Internet Explorer by using the Internet Options dialog box. You can access this dialog box in the following ways:
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E. Correct: Automated System Recovery stores the System State data and the certif
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Configuring Network Connectivity
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Lesson 2
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Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-28
After you gain some experience as a DST, you will be able to determine how experi enced the user is after speaking with him or her for only a few minutes. In the interim, you will learn how to work with and assist the different types of end users by commu nicating with them through written scripts and by following specific (and proven) trou bleshooting guidelines.
Quick Check
Introduction to Desktop Support
Five people in the research and development division of Wingtip Toys use Windows Vista laptop computers. Each of them has different requirements with regard to performance and battery life. Kim almost always has her laptop plugged into an AC outlet, Ian spends a fair amount of time in meetings with his computer, and Orin likes to go to the park as often as he can and work there. 1. Ian uses his laptop to read the morning news and then drives to work at Wingtip Toys. He takes 45 minutes to commute and wants to quickly restart using the laptop when he arrives at work with a minimal impact on the battery charge. Which of the following power down modes should he use 2. Which of the default power plans would best suit Kim given what you know about her computer usage habits 3. Orin has some special requirements. Given his usage habits, which of the default power plans would you use as the basis for creating a custom power plan for his computer
Lesson 2: Implementing Full-Text Search . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .334 Overview of Full-Text Search Configuring Full-Text Searches Writing Full-Text Queries Troubleshooting Full-Text Searches Lesson Summary 334 336 339 339 350
XmlValidatingReader aValReader;
Server A fails completely and needs to be replaced. It will be several days before you can install a replacement. Although users can currently log on over the WAN, you would like to temporarily promote one of the other servers at the site to act as a domain controller. Which of the following servers can you promote (Choose all that apply.) A. Server A B. Server B C. Server C D. Server D E. Server E 2. Which of the following components need to be installed if an Exchange Server 2007 computer is to be assigned the Mailbox server role (Choose all that apply.) A. COM+ Access B. IIS C. World Wide Web Service D. Windows PowerShell E. ASP.NET version 2.0
through Group Policy, it is possible for users to reinstall them, or other accelerators, manually. 2. Instruct them to enable InPrivate Filtering. InPrivate Filtering stops browsing sessions being tracked across multiple sites. InPrivate Browsing does not block browsing sessions being tracked across multiple sites; it blocks browsing history and data being recorded by Internet Explorer. 3. Add them to the list of sites to use with Compatibility View, either through the Compatibility View Settings dialog box or by distributing the list through Group Policy.
1. Correct Answers: C and D A. Incorrect: There is no EnableApplication property. Also, it is not necessary to disable application state to utilize session state. Theoretically, both can be used within the same Web service. B. Incorrect: Even though there is a SessionState section in the Web.config file, there is no such thing as an Enabled property. C. Correct: You need to set the EnableSession property using the WebMethod attribute for each Web method that needs to use session state. D. Correct: You can add a session variable using the Add method for the Ses sion object. 2. Correct Answer: A A. Correct: A small integer-based data value such as an employee ID would most likely be stored in a session variable. B. Incorrect: The text of a document would be too large for a session or appli cation variable. It would be better to cache this value or just retrieve it from the Web server on each request. C. Incorrect: An array containing customer purchase history would be too large for a session or application variable. It would be better to retrieve this data from the database on each request.
Disconnect the local cabling between the two computers for this exercise so you can see that the connection between the computers is occurring over the dial-up line.
Alternatively, if the object reference s type is the Service contract interface, as opposed to a concrete proxy class, you can use the following variation:
Clicking Setup in the Items To Synchronize dialog box opens the Synchronization Set tings dialog box, depicted in Figure 5-28. You can configure synchronization to run at logon, logoff, or after a certain amount of idle time has passed. You can also schedule it to run whenever you choose. You can control these configuration options separately for each network connection. For example, you can configure different synchroniza tion settings for a dial-up connection and for a local area network (LAN) connection. This can be useful for users who travel because you can limit the amount of synchro-
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