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Lesson 1: Managing Files and Folders
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Allow Incoming Timestamp Request
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When you configure a connectivity verifier, it is categorized into one of the following groups: Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, Published Servers, Web (Internet), and Others. The server group status for each group is displayed on the Dashboard view so you can quickly identify whether there is a problem with a particular service.
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The TransactionScope class has, internally, a consistency bit. When first instantiated, this bit is set to false. If the TransactionScope object is disposed while this bit is false, the transaction is aborted or, more accurately, the transaction will inform the transaction coordinator that it is voting to abort the transaction. There should be some way to set the consistency bit to true. This is done by calling the Complete method on the TransactionScope object. This method has to be invoked before the object is disposed, and it can be invoked only once. If there is a second call for the same transaction, an InvalidOperationException will be raised. In general, it is a good idea for the call to Complete to be the last statement in the using block so that if an exception is thrown within the block, the call to Complete will be skipped. Keep in mind that calling Complete does not guarantee that the transaction will be committed. Although it is true that all attempts are made to complete the transaction, in a two-phase commit, any of the participating resource managers can vote to abort. As a result, it is possible that when the TransactionScope is being disposed, a transaction that you think will be committed is actually aborted. In such a situation, a TransactionAbortedException is raised from the Complete method. To address this, the following is an example of how TransactionScope should be used:
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Correct Answers: B, C, and D A. Incorrect: If you disable the executive s account, he will be unable to access his private files located on the file server this afternoon. B. Correct: This would invalidate all certificates issued by the Enterprise CA, which would cause problems for everyone trying to log on.
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Select special permissions by using the Permission Entry For dialog box.
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Lesson Review
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Database Services
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code block for an illustration.) This sample shows how to use the DropDownColorPicker control to change the Ribbon global colors. It demonstrates preview, cancel, and execute, as well as how to change the global Ribbon color, a subject that will be discussed shortly.
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Unlock Write
' VB Counter.Count = Counter.Count + 1 ' or Counter.Count += 1 // C# Counter.Count++; // or Counter.Count += 1;
Develop with the Windows Ribbon, Part 2 315
Lesson 2: Sharing Data
SQL Server provides command-line compilers that can be used to generate an assembly from a code file. If you are using Visual Basic, you will use vbc.exe, and if you are using C#, you will use csc.exe. To use the compiler, go to a Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt and enter a command such as the following example. Replace <dir> with the location that you ve created for testing this example. You also have the option of creating a directory named c:\TK442\8\Code\Lab1, which will be used in a lab exercise later in the chapter.
Lesson 1
Marking a service as delayed auto-start" is easy. One way to do so is through the built-in command-line utility, sc.exe. Its advanced service configuration interface allows you to mark a service as delayed auto-start (note the required space after the equal sign):
A common activity for a user is to select from a list of options. The most common example is a drop-down list. Lists are also useful to developers in that they restrict user input to valid elements. Table 4-4 represents the set of list controls in Visual Studio 2005.
Install the Media Player SDK and add a reference to the libraries. Then you can used the WindowsMediaPlayer class to play any audio file supported by Windows Media Player using the following code:
1. What feature in Windows XP Professional allows you to configure all these printers so that users will have to install only one printer on their local computers.
SELECT * FROM (SELECT user_seeks * avg_total_user_cost * (avg_user_impact * 0.01) AS index_advantage, migs.* FROM sys.dm_db_missing_index_group_stats migs) AS migs_adv INNER JOIN sys.dm_db_missing_index_groups AS mig ON migs_adv.group_handle = mig.index_group_handle INNER JOIN sys.dm_db_missing_index_details AS mid ON mig.index_handle = mid.index_handle ORDER BY migs_adv.index_advantage
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