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Taking Advantage of Platform Security
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1. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: THESAURUS is an option for CONTAINS and CONTAINSTABLE queries. B. Incorrect: NEAR is an option for CONTAINS and CONTAINSTABLE queries. C. Incorrect: WEIGHT is an option for CONTAINS and CONTAINSTABLE queries. D. Correct: The LANGUAGE option specifies which noise word and language files the word breaker should use for the search arguments in the query.
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5. you had to discretize the continuous attributes because of the na ve Bayes algorithm, which accepts discrete attributes only. If you did not discretize them, you would have to ignore them in the na ve Bayes model.
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If the IIS metabase and Active Directory are not synchronized because of a restore or recovery operation, a client access server experiences errors. Microsoft recommends that you do not recover your IIS metabase to a Client Access server after you have run the Setup/mode:RecoverServer command. You should instead keep a detailed change log of customizations performed on your Client Access server. In the event that your Client Access server is recovered, you can then reference the change log and reapply the customizations. A Client Access server stores configuration information for the OWA Web site and Web.config file, Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP4), and Post Office Protocol (POP3) protocol settings, the Availability service, Autodiscover, Exchange ActiveSync, OWA virtual directories, and Web services configuration. It also stores some registry information, but this is not essential for restore. Typically, a Client Access server acts as a pass-through to get to Exchange data. If multiple Client Access servers are deployed for redundancy, backup is not required. If, however, only one Client Access server exists in your organization, it might be worthwhile to back up the POP/IMAP configuration stored in\ClientAccess\PopImap. Alternatively, you could document changes to the POP and IMAP settings and redo them if you needed to rebuild the server.
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Exercise 3: Creating and Running an Unattended Backup Job
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Monitoring and Troubleshooting DHCP
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How to Enable or Disable Windows Firewall for a Specific Network Connection
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This counter measures the pressure on a physical hard disk array (not a logical partition or individual disks in the array). If the value of this counter exceeds 55 percent for continuous periods of 10 minutes or more over during a 24-hour monitoring period, the SQL Server 2005 server might be experiencing a disk I/O bottleneck. If this happens only a few times over the 24-hour period, disk I/O pressure is not a major problem. If, on the other hand, it happens more than once per hour, a disk I/O problem exists and you need to address it. datamatrix generator
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Security Alert To ensure network security, you should always require complex passwords for user accounts. This becomes especially important when you enable remote access to your internal network using VPNs. If users do not use secure passwords, an attacker may be able to guess the passwords and gain access to the internal network.
4. The following figure presents a possible sequence diagram for the use case listed above. This use case assumes the application layers defined as part of the model. The call to GetDetails() is illustrating the calls to return the properties of the quote for display to the user (by means of ApproveQuoteUI).
' VB Using ts1 As New TransactionScope() Using ts2 As New TransactionScope() ts2.Complete( ) End Using End Using // C# using(TransactionScope ts1 = new TransactionScope()) { using(TransactionScope ts2 = new TransactionScope()) { ts2.Complete(); } }
Imminent subscription expiration Exceeding the specified latency Exceeding the specified synchronization time Falling short of processing the specified number of rows in a given amount of time
You can use the HTTP Monitoring Service to monitor Web sites and applications and, in particular, to identify and troubleshoot issues with OWA servers. You need to monitor OWA servers on a regular basis. Microsoft recommends that, on the basis of your organization's requirements, you should consider monitoring OWA servers weekly. You can increase or decrease the frequency of monitoring based on trend analysis of your OWA servers. HTTPMon is a resource kit tool. It provides reports about the availability and response time of Web sites and applications and can also check several Web sites and applications simultaneously and export the results to a log file in CSV format or to the Windows Server event log. You install HTTPMon from the resource kit by running setup.exe in the \apps\httpmon folder of the Microsoft Windows Server 2000 resource kit. (Currently, the tool is not available in the Windows Server 2003 and Windows server 2008 resource kits.)
Lab: Connecting to a SQL Server Service
Resources that are physically attached to a machine cannot be configured in a cluster, so you might wonder how disk drives can be defined as a cluster resource. As described in the Disk Configuration section, all data within a cluster must reside on an external drive array. The external drive array can be a Fibre channel cabinet attached to each node in the cluster or a SAN that is connected to all nodes in the clus ter. You cannot configure the local hard drive in each node as a cluster resource. The physical disk drives within the disk array are not the actual cluster resources. The disk mount definition within Windows is configured and controlled by Windows clustering. Although a disk resource is defined on all nodes, only the node that is con figured to own the disk resource has the disks mounted and accessible. All other nodes maintain the disk mount definition but have the disks unmounted, which pre vents more than one machine from writing to the same media at the same time. The main resource that is configured in a cluster is a service such as SQL Server or SQL Server Agent. Although each node in the cluster has an entry for a given service, it is started only on a single node within the cluster. One of the most powerful elements within a cluster is the way in which IP addresses and network names are handled. Although each node in the cluster carries the IP address and network name definition, only the node designated as the owner of the IP address and name has it bound to a physical network card. When a failover occurs to another node, clustering performs the following operations on the network stack: 1. Unregisters the network name from DNS. 2. Binds the IP address to a physical network card on the operational node. 3. Reregisters the network name in DNS.
ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(tcpChannel, false);
ware Report, and then click Print.
Track network interfaces to identify Rate at which bytes are sent and received over each network adapter, high usage rates per NIC. This helps you determine whether you need to including framing characters. segment the network or increase bandwidth. Number of outbound packets that were chosen to be discarded even though no errors had been detected to prevent transmission. Long queues of items indicate that the NIC is waiting for the network and is not keeping pace with the server. This is a bottleneck.
Dim filePermissions As FileIOPermission = New
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