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Open the Reporting Services Configuration Manager tool from the Start menu by selecting All Programs, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Configuration Tools, and then Reporting Services Configuration Manager. When prompted, click Connect to connect to your report server instance. Select the Report Manager URL property page, change the virtual directory name to myapp, and then click Apply. When the scripts have finished executing in the Results window, open Internet Explorer and attempt to start the local Report Manager application with the URL http://localhost/Reports. Observe that the Web page cannot be displayed because the virtual directory name has changed. Next, change the URL to http://localhost/myapp, and then refresh the browser. Notice that Report Manager is now accessible under this new HTTP path because the virtual directory was changed. Return to Reporting Services Configuration Manager, and then select the Report Manager URL property page. Change the virtual directory name back to reports, and then click Apply. Return to Internet Explorer, and then navigate to http://localhost/Reports to confirm that Report Manager now runs under this default virtual directory name and URL.
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Notifying the User When Printing is Complete . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 503
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Select whether the package for the previous version of the application is in the current GPO or in another GPO. If the previous package is in another GPO, click the Browse button to select that GPO. Then select the package from the Package To Upgrade list. Based on your knowledge of the application s upgrade behavior, choose one of the upgrade options shown at the bottom of Figure 7-13. Then click OK. You can also remove an application that was deployed with GPSI. To do so, right-click the package, choose All Tasks, and then select Remove. In the Remove Software dialog box, choose one of the following two options:
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Mike Snell I see prototypes as a great way to evaluate risky technology recommendations. I run into a lot of projects where architects and developers want to recommend the latest thing because they have heard all the hype. However, they might have never used it, and the hype might be just that. A prototype can help them verify their assumptions before it is too late. On a recent project I had both the client and the architect requesting a third-party set of user interface controls that neither had experience with. Both had reviewed them online and believed they would offer the features needed to do some hefty interactive, pivottable-like reporting. In addition, both were ready to jump into SSIS for data integration; neither had ever even installed SQL 2005, let alone worked with it at length. I raised both of these risks to the project stakeholders. We agreed that a small prototype phase was in order before anyone (the developers or the client) would commit to this project.
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The authentication options will be discussed in Lesson 5, Configuring ISA Server Authentication, later in this chapter.
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By default, permissions that you assign to the parent folder are inherited by and propagated to the subfolders and files contained in the parent folder. However, you can prevent permissions inheritance, as shown in Figure 8-2.
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Monitoring and Troubleshooting DHCP
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Windows System Monitor, also known as PerfMon or Performance Monitor, is a graphical tool provided with Windows that can be used to monitor all aspects of a server s health. Like SQL Server Profiler, System Monitor provides results in real time, so you can monitor a server as it is experiencing problems. To start System Monitor, go to Start, All Programs, Administrative Tools, and Performance. Alternatively, you can type perfmon.msc from a command prompt. By default, System Monitor will display activity for the current machine. (See Figure 8-9.)
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a. On the Action page, confirm that the Create A New Report Server Database option
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A. Correct: The Remote Desktop Users group has the appropriate configuration and
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of this book.
Page 11-9
In Group Policy, you can apply GPOs to sites, domains, and OUs. When password policies are deployed through Group Policy, it is essential to remem ber that these policies take effect only when they are applied to domain-level GPOs. In other words, you cannot set a particular password policy for an OU such as one used for a specific department (for example, Finance or Human Resources). If a specific department within your organization requires a password policy that is distinct from that of the rest of the domain, you should create a new domain for that department and configure the required password policy at the domain level of the new domain.
Exchange Server 2007 was deployed several months ago at Contoso. Since then, there have been some teething problems that they have asked you to come in to resolve. The problems are as follows: 1. A member of the sales team was recently traveling through the South Pacific, accessing e-mail through OWA in Internet caf s. One of the computers was infected with a Trojan that logged keyboard data and forwarded it to hackers in Eastern Europe. The account password was changed, and the member of the sales team was locked out. How can you ensure that a user whose account is compromised can not be locked out from that account by a changed password
Using Performance Troubleshooter
SELECT FirstName, LastName, JobTitle, VacationHours, SickLeaveHours FROM HumanResources.Employee E INNER JOIN Person.Person P ON E.BusinessEntityID = P.BusinessEntityID;
Figure 8-7 Configure service startup type and user account after setup by viewing the service properties dialog box.
Lesson 2: Managing Application Compatibility
Correct Answers: C and D A. Incorrect: The Web server has a static IP address. There is no point in trying to renew its DHCP lease. B. Incorrect: You have no reason to believe that the clients are not registered in DNS. No problems have been reported about clients not accessing each other. C. Correct: Windows XP Professional DNS employs negative caching. The Web server has been disconnected for a length of time that is sufficient for its host resource record to have been removed from the DNS zone file. Thus, when the users tried to access the Web server s FQDN by typing in the URL, their client PCs cached that the FQDN could not be resolved. On the other hand, you pinged the Web server s IP address and did not, therefore, request name resolution. When the users tried to access the Web site again, the client PCs used cached information and discovered that the FQDN had been cached as invalid. Clearing the negative result from the clients caches solves the problem. D. Correct: Cache entries, including negative entries (refer to the explanation for answer C), typically time out in 45 minutes or less.
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