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Estimated lesson time: 120 minutes
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Correct Answers: B A. Incorrect: Although this will allow users access to the Reports folder, it will also allow for the listing of files within the folder and is not the minimally required permission. B. Correct: This permission will allow the users to navigate through the Marketing and Summary folders to access the Reports folder. The users will not be able to access (or even list) any files in the Marketing or Summary folders. C. Incorrect: Being able to read the extended attributes of the folders will not allow access to subfolders. D. Incorrect: Being able to read the attributes of the folders will not allow access to subfolders.
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' VB File.Open("somefile.txt", FileMode.Create, FileAccess.Write) // C# File.Open("somefile.txt", FileMode.Create, FileAccess.Write);
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servers. In the Quota Entries console select all entries that are to be exported, and from the quota menu select export. Copy the file to a place where it can be accessed by the other server and from its Quota Entries console, select Import from the Quota menu.
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Domain Namespace
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Description and purpose
Why This Matters
In this exercise, you must read an object from the disk that has been serialized by using BinaryFormatter. 1. Open the Serialize-People project you modified in Exercises 1 and 2. 2. Add code to the Deserialize method in the main program to deserialize the dsp object from a file in the default directory named Person.dat. Your code could look like the following:
Inline AutoComplete completes entries in the Address bar as you type, based on entries you have used before, and offers a list of choices under the Address bar for other links that start the same way.
Common Installation Problems
Table 8-5
Both the database s primary file and the master database keep records of the location of each file that constitutes an individual database. SQL Server 2005 does not enforce the file name extensions mentioned in the preceding list, though these extensions are helpful for identifying different kinds of files. SQL Server 2005 files are identified by both a logical and physical file name. The differences between these names are as follows:
As is the case with disk backups, if the volume hosting the fileshare fills during the backup, the backup will fail.
He cannot force shutdown of a remote system.
Figure 8-2 Diagram of a simple application using Silverlight Applications that run in the browser typically are made up of HTML. This markup contains the calls to instantiate the Silverlight plug-in. As users interact with the Silverlight application, they raise events that can be captured by either JavaScript or .NET Framework functions. In turn, program code can make method calls against the elements in the Silverlight content to manipulate it, add new content, or remove existing content. Finally, XAML is read by the plug-in and rendered. The XAML itself can exist inline in the page, externally as a static file, or as dynamic XAML returned from a server.
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