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2. If you are using universal groups in your domain or forest, and you need to give permission-based access to the members of the universal group, what configuration must be true of the universal group
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MORE INFO Defragmentation
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1. While attempting a restore to a point prior to a transaction that dropped a table, a database administrator accidentally overshoots when applying the transaction log. What steps does the DBA need to take to get back to the point prior to the table being dropped 2. What are the names of the three distinct restore phases 3. If SQL Server is offline and an attempt is being made to restore a database that includes a full text catalog, which service must be stopped prior to attempting the restoration
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Backing Up and Restoring Data
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Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: The Medium macro security level prompts the user to choose whether potentially unsafe macros can be run. B. Incorrect: The Medium macro security level prompts the user to choose whether potentially unsafe macros can be run. C. Correct: The Medium macro security level prompts the user to choose whether potentially unsafe macros can be run. D. Incorrect: The Medium macro security level prompts the user to choose whether potentially unsafe macros can be run.
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.NET Remoting Configuration File Commonly Used Elements
G-1 1-1
DNS Server Primary Zone DNS Server Secondary Zone
The Recovery Console is a command-line utility that gives you access to the hard disks when the operating system will not start. The Recovery Console can access all volumes on the drive, regardless of the file system type. As the administrator of a Windows XP computer, you should be familiar with the Recovery Console and how you can use it to correct operating system problems.
If you choose to build thin images that do not include applications or language packs, your organization should have a systems management infrastructure such as SCCM 2007 in place to deploy applications and language packs. You should use this infrastructure to deploy applications and language packs after installing the thin image. Hybrid images mix thin- and thick-image strategies. In a hybrid image, the disk image is configured to install applications and language packs on first run but automatically installs the applications and language packs from a network source. Hybrid images present most of the advantages of thin images, but they are not complex to develop and do not require a software distribution infrastructure. They do, however, require longer installation times. You can choose to build a one-off thick image from a thin image by building a reference thin image. Then, you can add core applications and language packs, capture them, test them, and distribute a thick image based on the thin image. However, be wary of applications that are not compatible with the disk imaging process. Hybrid images store applications and language packs on the network but include the commands to install them when you deploy the disk image. This process differs from installing the applications and language packs in the disk image because the image deployment process installations that would typically occur during the disk imaging process is deferred.
/OUTPUT:c:\applog.csv/NODE:@"c:\serverlist.txt NTEVENT WHERE eventtype<3 AND logfile='Application'" GET Logfile, SourceName, Eventtype, Message, TimeGenerated/FORMAT:csv:"sortby=EventType This command will output to a CSV file (c:\applog.csv) any events with types 0, 1, or 2 from the Application Logs of the computers in the file serverlist.txt. The list
Practice: Installing Windows XP Professional
Checkpoints and restarts Configurations Connection managers Control flow elements Data flow elements Data tasks Event handlers Logging Security settings SSIS variables Transaction attributes
Remote Assistance Bandwidth Usage Settings
' VB Cancel = True // C# Cancel = true;
Each of the techniques accomplishes the same goal changing the program execution flow based on a user s memberships. However, use each in different circumstances. Table 5-2 lists the conditions in which each RBS technique should be used.
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