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To enable fast and reliable access to the array configuration, deploy a Configuration Storage server in each branch office. You can install both the Configuration Storage server and ISA Server services components on the branch office computers, or you can install these components on two different computers in the branch office.
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Table 13-2 Common Service Administration Tools
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and name of the screen saver executable file. If the screen saver file is in %SYSTEMROOT%\System32, no path is necessary. TileWallpaper. This REG_SZ value indicates how to format wallpaper on the screen. If the value is 0, Windows XP centers the wallpaper. This is the default value. If the value is 1, Windows XP tiles the wallpaper. WaitToKillAppTimeout. This REG_SZ value indicates the time in milliseconds that Windows XP waits for processes to end after users log off of or shut down Windows XP. If the timeout expires and processes are still running, Windows XP displays the End Task dialog box, unless you've set the value AutoEndTasks to end processes automatically. The default value is 20000, which is 20 seconds. Wallpaper. This REG_SZ value is the path and file name of the image to use for wallpaper. The default value is an empty string. You don't need to include the path if the file is in %SYSTEMROOT% or %SYSTEMROOT%\System32. If you want to include wallpaper in a default user profile, copy the image file to the user profile folder and then specify the full path in this value. WallpaperStyle. This REG_SZ value determines how to display the wallpaper on the desktop. The default value is 0, which centers the bitmap on the desktop. Set this value to 2 to stretch the wallpaper. WheelScrollLines. This REG_SZ value specifies the number of lines to scroll for each one notch rotation of the mouse wheel when users don't use modifier keys such as Ctrl or Alt. The default value is 3. To turn off wheel scrolling, set this value to 0. I left the value UserPreferencesMask out of the list because this value represents some of the most interesting and most useful ways to customize Windows XP. It's also more complicated than other values in the list because it's a bit mask that contains a large number of settings in one value. Lately, Microsoft has stayed away from using large bit masks like this one, favoring REG_DWORD values that you set to 0x00 to disable a feature and 0x01 to enable a feature. This value is a holdover from earlier versions of Windows, however. It's a 4 byte REG_BINARY value that might as well be a REG_DWORD value. The default value is 0x80003E9E, which will make more sense after you know what the different bits in this value represent. Table B 1 describes each bit. Because this is a REG_BINARY value, count the bits from left to right, beginning with 0. If this were a REG_DWORD value, you'd count the bits from right to left instead. The table indicates each setting's bit number, describes the feature that it controls, and shows the bit mask. For any feature you see in the table, setting the bit to 0 disables the feature and setting it to 1 enables the feature. If you'd like to see an example of writing a script that changes settings in UserPreferencesMask, see 4, "Hacking the Registry." 4 contains a script that updates this value to cause Windows XP to raise windows to the foreground when you point at them. For more information about doing bitwise math, see 1, "Learning the Basics." Table B 1: Bits in UserPreferencesMask Bit 0 1 2 3 4 5 Bit mask 0x00000001 0x00000002 0x00000004 0x00000008 0x00000010 0x00000020 Default 0 1 1 1 1 0 Description Active window tracking. Windows get focus when the user positions the mouse pointer over them. Menu animation. This depends on the value of bit 9. Combo box animation. The combo boxes slide open. List box smooth scrolling. The list boxes scroll smoothly. Gradient captions. The title bars display a gradient. Keyboard cues. Menu hotkeys are underlined only when accessed from the keyboard. 332
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Protecting Your Computer Against Spyware
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Legitimate User
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The BeginRead looks much like the Read method:
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Figure 10-11 Configuring the remote site IP address range
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Restore Backup Data
Figure 6-9
Design the topology of replication for archiving data.
Installing Windows XP
Manage Local, Roaming, and Mandatory User Profiles
Figure 12-3
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ISA Server 2004 does not have an option for directly configuring packet filtering. However, ISA Server does operate as a packet filter firewall, inspecting traffic at the network and transport layers. For example, if you define a firewall access rule that enables all protocol traffic from an IP address on one network to an IP address on another network, ISA Server uses a packet filter to allow that traffic. Or, if you configure a firewall access rule that denies the use of the default Telnet port (TCP Port 23), ISA Server will use a packet filter to block that port. ISA Server also enables ingress and egress filtering by default. ISA Server 2000 supports direct configuration of packet filters. If you upgrade to ISA Server 2004 from ISA Server 2000, the packet filter definitions are replaced by access rules.
CreateTableCommand.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
Configure Tablet PC Software
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ISA Server is preconfigured with the following user sets:
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