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ContactNameTextBox.Text = NameParameter.Value.ToString
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Figure 2-4 shows a sample view of an IP address ( as it is divided into network ID and host ID sections. In this example, the network ID portion (131.107) is indicated by the first two numbers of the IP address. The host ID portion (16.200) is indicated by the last two numbers of the IP address.
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This chapter shows you how to relate a setting in the user interface to a value in the registry. Power users can use this information to find their own registry hacks. IT professionals get the long end of this stick, though; they can use the information to locate settings in the registry for a variety of purposes. For example, after they've found settings, they can build administrative templates for them and deploy the settings on their network. They can write scripts that automatically apply the settings they found. They can even use this information to help build and deploy better default user profiles. Three basic techniques are available for tracking down settings. The first, and often most effective, is comparing two snapshots of the registry. Take one snapshot before changing a setting and the second after you've made a change. The second method is monitoring the registry to detect changes that a program makes. Monitoring is often difficult because of the way Microsoft Windows XP and programs thrash the registry. Nonetheless, with a good tool and the tips you read here, it is an occasionally useful method. The last is auditing, which is the most difficult to use effectively and causes performance degradation. Because the first method is often most effective, that's where I start.
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chapter 7
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Using views to modify data
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Table 2-13 shows the most important FileSystemWatcher events.
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Create a configuration file and use it to set basic properties such as name and assembly type. Configure versioning using a configuration file. Configure the communication channels using a configuration file. Configure activation modes using a configuration file.
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The Opacity property can be useful when it is necessary to keep one form in the fore ground but monitor action in a background form or create interesting visual effects. In most cases, a control inherits the opacity of the form that hosts it.
<OUTPUT_CLAUSE> ::= { [ OUTPUT <dml_select_list> INTO { @table_variable | output_table } [ ( column_list ) ] ] [ OUTPUT <dml_select_list> ] } <dml_select_list> ::=
Storing XML data as relational data
Building Multitouch Applications in Managed Code
WriteFullEndElement WriteStartDocument WriteStartElement
Exercise 2: Convert Between Dotted-Decimal and Network Prefix Subnet Masks
Estimated lesson time: 30 minutes
Exam Tip
Lesson 3 Practice: Exercise 4
Practice 1 Practice 2 Extract the files from the IT Pro Quick Start Kit and double-click the START HERE.pptx file. When PowerPoint launches and loads the file, press F5 to start the presentation. View the Get Started: MOF Overview Presentation and listen to the MOF 4.0 Overview Podcast.
4. If none of your scheduled tasks is starting, what is one thing that you need to check
1. Which of the following options can prevent a table from being dropped A. CHECK OPTION B. SCHEMABINDING C. UNION D. QUOTED_IDENTIFIER
19. Run the application. 20. Click the Add Column button, and then scroll to the end of the columns to verify that the new Location column is there. 21. Click the Delete Column button and verify that the Location column is deleted from the DataGridView. 22. Select any cell in the grid and then click the Get Clicked Cell button. The Label displays the contents of the cell, the name of the column the cell is in, and the column and row index of the cell. 23. And, finally, click the Apply Style button, and the AlternatingRowCellStyle is set up to display alternating rows with a light gray background.
In the preceding code, you use an IPortableDeviceValues interface that holds a collection of PROPERTYKEY/PROPVARIANT pairs. Because the Sensor and Location platform is a COMbased API, you need to use CoCreate with IPortableDeviceValues before you can use it. The spPropsToSet collection is your properties collection and is the equivalent of the .NET PropertyKey array from the previous example. After initializing the collection, you add a single integer value by calling the SetUnsignedIntegerValue method and passing a GUID indicating the property you want to set in this case, the report time interval (SENSOR_PROPERTY_CURRENT_REPORT_INTERVAL) and an integer value (ulNewInterval), which will soon become the new report time interval.
5. In the Do You Want To Enter Your Product Key Now dialog box, click No. 6. On the Select The Edition Of Windows That You Purchased page, select Windows Vista ULTIMATE. Select the I Have Selected The Edition Of Windows That I Purchased check box, and click Next. 7. On the Please Read The License Terms page, review the license, and select the I Accept The License Terms check box. Click Next.
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