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Figure 5-17
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Management Managing services services
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Before taking the exam, review the key points and terms that are presented in this chapter. You need to know this information.
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Restore tab These settings affect what happens when the file to restore is identical to an existing file. Figure 20-5 shows the available settings; the default setting is selected.
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Identify the various components of remote access. Describe the authentication method for remote access. Describe the conceptual design of a remote access infrastructure.
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Device Manager, as shown in Figure 6-9, displays all installed devices and provides an environment for managing those devices. Device manager allows you to perform the following types of tasks:
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Quick Check
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The three factors to consider are multiple CPUs, high-performance hard drives, and multiple NICs.
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2. As the network administrator for a medium-sized photography business, you have been receiving numerous calls from users claiming that the network is slow. The only change to the infrastructure is the telephony system recently installed. Your manager has decided to use VoIP to save on the current PBX system. Why would a new phone system slow down your network
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End Time The time when the ticket expires. An expired ticket cannot be used to authenticate to a service. Renew Until If the ticket is renewable, the maximum lifetime of the ticket. Tick ets can be renewed before the end time and renew until times expire. This func tionality is transparent to the user.
MORE INFO All the Microsoft certifications
D. Configure the Performance console to the processor usage of the print spool (Pro
Property Text
Networks, Directory Services, and Domain Controllers
Lesson 1 Review
Although views can be used to insert, update, and delete data, views are almost never used for those purposes. Stored procedures are always a better option because changes can be more easily validated as well as being more flexible.
Installing Exchange Server and Configuring Server Roles
Begin by preparing the DNS in each forest and then move on to install the federation servers. Then install the federation service proxies in both forests and AD FS enable the Web site in the resource forest.
Table 12-1
You are the systems administrator for Margie s Travel, a travel agency with a small network based on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional. Recently, Kim Akers in Accounting created a spreadsheet that employees can use to automatically generate expense reports. Kim saved the spreadsheet to a share named ACCOUNTING on your organization s server (server.margiestravel.com) using the file name ExpenseReports.xls. Kim has a drive mapped to the shared folder, but nobody else at Margie s Travel understands how to access shared folders, so she wants to send out an e-mail with a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that staff members can enter into Internet Explorer to open the file. Which URL do you recommend that Kim use A. ftp://server/accounting/expense-reports.xls B. http://server.margiestravel.com/accounting/expense-reports.xls C. file://server.margiestravel.com/accounting/expense-reports.xls D. http://server/accounting/expense%20reports.xls
Planning for High Availability in the Enterprise
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