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Supported Authentication Protocol MS-CHAP, CHAP, SPAP, and PAP MS-CHAP, CHAP, SPAP, PAP, and MS-CHAP v2 (with Windows 98 Service Pack 1 and later) MS-CHAP, CHAP, SPAP, and PAP (with the Windows Dial-Up Networking 1.3 Performance & Secu rity Upgrade for Windows 95 and later) Unsupported Authentication Protocol MS-CHAP v2, and EAP EAP
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Failure Diagnosis
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Technical Environment
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' VB t.Stop() // C# t.Stop();
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Running a Trace
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Configuring Agent Profiles
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[InterfaceQueuing(true)] public interface IOrderServiceQueued
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Key Terms
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DELETE FROM Sales.SalesOrderDetail WHERE SalesOrderID = 43659 AND SalesOrderDetailID = 1 INSERT INTO Sales.SalesOrderDetail (SalesOrderID, CarrierTrackingNumber, OrderQty, ProductID , SpecialOfferID, UnitPrice, UnitPriceDiscount , rowguid, ModifiedDate) VALUES (43659, '4911-403-C-98', 1, 745 , 1, 809.76, 0.00 , DEFAULT, DEFAULT) UPDATE Sales.SalesOrderDetail SET OrderQty = 2 WHERE SalesOrderID = 43659 AND SalesOrderDetailID = 2;
return obj;
database into a known good database. Microsoft recommends that you not allow a repaired database to remain in production for an extended period of time.
Lesson 2: Deploying Updates to Clients . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 343 Managing Windows Update Clients Configuring Update-Related Group Policy Scheduling Deployment and Restart Rolling Back Updates Lesson Summary Lesson Review 344 345 347 348 350 350
Analyzing Queries
Tracking Touch-Point IDs
Dim SaveDocCommand As New SqlCommand
2. The DSQUERY command allows you to create a list of objects based on those objects locations or properties, and pipe those objects to the DSMOD command, which then modifies the objects. Open a command prompt and type the following command:
nological enforcement, such as rejecting a value of February 30.
XML data that does not conform to any specific structure. Every instance can follow a completely different structure, so it is not easily searchable and it is impossible to represent in a relational structure. (See also semistructured data; structured data.)
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