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E. Correct: You must configure the Account Lockout Threshold policy so that you can specify
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Case Scenario 1: Advising Customers About Network Configuration
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When a user requests help regarding how folders are viewed, how windows open, and what can and cannot be seen inside a folder, check the configured folder options first. There, you can discover the cause of many common problems and resolve them easily. Before starting any troubleshooting in the Folder Options dialog box, ask the user if she has made any changes there already. If she tells you that she has made changes to the folder options but cannot remember what the changes were, use the Restore Defaults button on the General tab and the View tab to restore the defaults. Many times this solves the problem. Table 5-2 shows some other common problems and their res olutions, all of which are available in the Folder Options dialog box.
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' VB Dim anIndex As Integer
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Monitoring Microsoft Windows Server 2003
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Virtually all application developers publish the basic system requirements for their products. However, to fully realize the ramifications of adopting a particular application, you must consider all of the other hardware and software components in your workstations. For example, a developer might recommend that you install a particular application on a computer with one gigabyte of memory, but this recommendation does not account for the various operating system features that you might have enabled on the computer, nor does it account for other applications that the computer might be running at the same time. For example, the manufacturer of an office suite might recommend one gigabyte of memory, but does that mean that one gig is enough to run the word processor, the spreadsheet, and the presentation graphics program all at the same time, or just one of those three Manufacturer recommendations also tend not to distinguish between an application that is running comfortably and one that is barely functional. The only way to be sure that an application can run well on a particular workstation configuration is to test it under as realistic conditions as possible, and that means building a test workstation with all of the applications a particular user type needs and running it as that type of user would.
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Firewall problems can be complicated. Whereas at one time, a network would be likely to have only a single firewall, today almost every computer has one, and enterprise networks typically have a corporate firewall as well. The combination of filters in these firewalls can have a cumulative effect on network traffic that can make it difficult to locate the real source of a problem. Turning firewalls off is a good way to determine whether they are the cause of a problem, but after that, the troubleshooter must figure out what essential traffic is being blocked and which firewall is blocking it. Only then is it possible to propose a modification to the firewall configuration.
Figure 7-31
To list the client settings on a client access server, you would use Exchange Management Shell commands based on the Get-CASMailbox cmdlet. For example, to get client settings for all mailboxes in an Exchange organization, you would use the following command:
Resetting Toolbars to Their Default State
Objective 2.4 Questions 1.
Troubleshoot Terminal Services
using Lift Charts and Profit Charts
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