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Figure 8-19 Configuring port override on a server publishing rule
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) FOR SOAP ( WEBMETHOD 'GetProductListing' ( name='AdventureWorks.dbo.GetProductListing', schema=STANDARD ) , WSDL = DEFAULT, DATABASE = 'AdventureWorks', BATCHES=ENABLED )
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TRUNCATE TABLE Test.ATable; BEGIN TRY BEGIN TRAN; INSERT Test.ATable (ID) VALUES (1); INSERT Test.ATable (ID) VALUES (1); -- Fails! COMMIT TRAN; END TRY BEGIN CATCH -- Rollback the tran. and free locks held. ROLLBACK TRAN; -- Copy the error details to local variables. DECLARE @ErrMessage NVARCHAR(2047) ,@ErrNumber INT ,@ErrSeverity TINYINT ,@ErrState TINYINT; SELECT @ErrMessage = ERROR_MESSAGE() + N' #' + CAST(ERROR_NUMBER() AS NVARCHAR(10)) ,@ErrNumber = ERROR_NUMBER() ,@ErrSeverity = ERROR_SEVERITY() ,@ErrState = ERROR_STATE(); -- Re-raise the original error (or atlest something resembling it...) RAISERROR(@ErrMessage, @ErrSeverity, @ErrState); END CATCH
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You have a table with 40,000,000 rows. The table has five nonclustered indexes. The clustered index key is 60 bytes wide. (This is not uncommon when you have clustered indexes that span a few columns.)
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Describe and implement the 80/20 rule for DHCP servers and scopes Activate a scope Configure a client to obtain an address from a DHCP server Use the Ipconfig /renew command to renew a client lease
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A cube is taking an unreasonably long time to process, so you decide to use PerfMon to determine how fast the server loads rows from the relational data source.
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5. In the Components area, select the Management And Monitoring Tools compo nent. Do not select the Management And Monitoring Tools check box. 6. Click Details. The Management And Monitoring Tools dialog box appears. 7. In the Subcomponents Of Management And Monitoring Tools area, select the Network Monitor Tools check box. 8. Click OK. 9. On the Windows Components page of the Windows Components Wizard, click Next. The Configuring Components page appears while the Network Monitor Tools component is installing. When installation is complete, the Completing The Windows Components Wizard page appears. 10. Click Finish. 11. Close the Add Or Remove Programs window.
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To access and manage the list by using stored procedures, use the following procedures:
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Number of queries this server has received
Enabling Secure Internet Access with ISA Server 2004
3. Construct a CREATE TABLE statement for the StateProvince table as follows:
Exam Tip
When you are experimenting with Group Policy or trying to troubleshoot Group Policy processing, you might need to initiate a Group Policy refresh manually so that you do not have to wait for the next background refresh. The Gpupdate.exe command can be used to initiate a Group Policy refresh. Used on its own, Gpupdate.exe triggers processing identical to a background Group Policy refresh. Both computer policy and user policy is refreshed. Use the /target:computer or /target:user parameter to limit the refresh to computer or user settings, respectively. During background refresh, by default, settings are applied only if the GPO has been updated. The /force switch causes the system to reapply all settings in all GPOs scoped to the user or computer. Some policy settings require a logoff or reboot before they actually take effect. The /logoff and /boot switches of Gpupdate.exe cause a logoff or reboot, respectively, if settings are applied that require one. In Windows 2000, the Secedit.exe command was used to refresh policy, so you might encounter a mention of the Secedit.exe command on the exam.
Find out more about AD RMS at LinkId=80907.
World Wide Web Service Remote procedure call (RPC) over HTTP Proxy ASP.NET version 2.0
Identify the purpose of the Registry. Define the hierarchical structure of the Registry. View and edit the Registry by using Registry Editor.
In a workgroup environment, each computer running Windows XP Professional is responsible for maintaining its own security database. Local user accounts are used to log on to the computer and to control access to resources on the computer. Security and administration in a workgroup are distributed. You must create local user accounts on each computer, and although you can often manage a computer remotely, you must manage each computer separately. The larger the network you are working with, the more overhead this distributed management creates. Active Directory simplifies the security and administration of resources throughout a network (including the computers that are part of the network) by providing a single point of administration for all objects on the network. Active Directory organizes resources hierarchically in domains, which are logical groupings of servers and other network resources. Each domain includes one or more domain controllers. A domain controller is a computer running Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 on which Active Directory is installed. The domain controller stores a complete replica of the domain directory. To simplify administration, all domain controllers in the domain are peers. You can make changes to any domain controller, and the updates are replicated to all other domain controllers in the domain.
Lesson 1: Creating and Configuring List-Display Controls
1. You must run Adprep /forestprep before installing any Windows Server 2008 domain controllers in a forest. 2. It is not possible for all domain controllers in a domain to be read-only. There must be at least one writable domain controller, so it is not possible to have all three branches served by read-only domain controllers. One DC must be writable. Alternatively, one writable DC could be maintained in a central location, and three RODCs could be deployed to the three branches. 3. When there is planned downtime for a server performing single master operations, you should transfer the operations to another domain controller. When the original master comes back online, you can transfer the operations back to it.
Computer Name Category Name
obtains its configuration through DHCP from a third-party WAP with an IPv4 address, which is the subnet s gateway to the modem and the Internet. The WAP also provides internal DNS services. However, the resolution of FQDNs such as is provided by the ISP s DNS server with the public IPv4 address
Looks for earlier versions of the application and unin stalls them in favor of the new version if one is found.
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